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I made the rule as instructed. I think the feature to add directories should be included in that browse button. If it prompts me again, I'll add to this thread.

Thanks for the help.
It is not documented, it requires a little trick to do that.

Do the following:

1) Create a Firewall Application rule for a specific file (use Browse -> File). Pick just any random executable in the Open dialog (file browser) and click on the Open button. Do not yet click on the OK button of the Firewall Application Rule window (leave it open).

2) Now edit (use cut and paste) the Name field in the Firewall Application Rule window into C:\Program Files X86\Microsoft\EdgeWebView\* (or any other directory where MsEdgeWebView is located or where the updates get installed into).

3) Finish the Firewall Application rule as usual (set Ruleset, Allow, etc. etc.)

4) When done click the OK button to close Firewall Application Rule window.
Not sure how to do that for an entire directory of my choosing. Rule settings are not very intuitive. I can only figure out how to add rules for specific files, and Comodo's predefined file groups.
Add an Allow Firewall rule for the whole directory in which MSEdgeWebView resides like this
C:\Program Files X86\Microsoft\EdgeWebView\* (if this is the correct directory from which MSEdgeWebView is started) that way when MSEdgeWebView updates to a new version in that same directory Firewall will no longer block it.
Firewall. I have everything else disabled, except virus scope, which only gets used if I manually open something in a container.
Is it a HIPS alert or a Firewall alert that pops up every time when you start an app?
Product: Firewall v12.2.2.8012
OS: Win10 Pro

I have a couple of different apps that use MSEdgeWebView to show their content. Every time I open these apps, the firewall asks me about edgewebview, likely because it's been updated, and each time, I mark it as an allowed application, telling it to remember the decision.

the one I remember all the time is a desktop app called Manager (Accounting software), from the website

Is there a way to tell the firewall that updates of msedgwebview are always allowed, instead of being prompted pretty much every time I use the apps that run it? This is the only one I have problems with.

Need more info? Let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Firewall Help - CIS / Re: Can't Connect to printer
« Last post by CISfan on Yesterday at 07:16:17 AM »
See here Manage CIS Configurations and here Personal Configurations how to export and import CIS configurations.
Firewall Help - CIS / Re: Can't Connect to printer
« Last post by markcusack on Yesterday at 07:10:06 AM »
OK found it it was a blocked application. Thanks

[at]OP hope you get sorted, sorry if i hijacked
Firewall Help - CIS / Re: Can't Connect to printer
« Last post by CISfan on Yesterday at 07:03:09 AM »
You could try to delete all Network Zones in CIS and than shutdown / power-off / turn-off you computer and then wait for a few minutes before power-on / turn-on you computer again to start windows and let CIS detect the new Network Zones for you automatically (may take a while before CIS detects them all). Make sure you computer is connected to your network / printer before turning the computer on and starting windows.

But before trying the above, backup / export your CIS configuration first just in case...
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