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Bug Reports - CIS / GUI window rendering bug
« Last post by Xeno on Today at 01:44:54 PM »
1: CIS version:
2: OS version:
Win7 pro SP1 x64
3: What you did:
Click on 'Reset the Container' button in widget.
4: What you actually saw:
Black window is moving to desktop center, then rendering info.
5: What you expected to happen or see:
Correct window rendering w/o any artifacts.
6: If possible attach a screenshot illustrating the GUI problem
It's reproduce time to time only, not 100%. Maybe during system idle status. Couldn't catch it by screen grabber and I recorded video by smartphone.
Thanks for your submission. We'll analyse the files and add detection where necesarry.

Best regards,
Andrei Savin
Firewall Help - CIS / Re: Freezes/corrupts windows 10
« Last post by DragonWolf5589 on Today at 12:12:21 PM »
Ok reinstalled windows 10, I had same issue with internet even though comodo is removed, it kept files and programs and everything but no internet or anything. Reinstalling did fix a separate issue I was having since last version of comodo installed (no security tab in properties showing on any folders or drives) though so can't complain so it fixed something


Any after searching the whole internet for hours on my mobile, found a forum thread from 2015 on bleeping computer. Issue was in the network adaptors near the IP4 settings there was comodo firewall driver (but it didnt show anywhere else) so I uninstalled it and everything is finally back up)

Comodo removal tool needs to compensate to include this.. or a message to tell users to do it manually if it can't

I will now send you the logs I could get, but like I said, the logs while comodo firewall instead would not work at all due to permission issues that comodo made for some reason

EDIT 2: Found some logs from process manager, there's 5 files in total (1.5GB in total), no idea if they collected info or it if just collected while I booted in safe mode, but I included them just in case its any help to you

Im uploaded all the files (1.5gb in total - glad I have 1gbps internet here) to onedrive and sharing it, will inbox you shortly with the link :)

EDIT 3: inbox sent. I look forward to your reply. If you have issues getting the files let me know it should be available for 2 months with the link :)
Hi, aweir14150.

Thank you for reporting. Could you please check now?

Kind Regards,
Bug Reports - CIS / GUI bug in Modern theme
« Last post by Xeno on Today at 10:57:12 AM »
1: CIS version:
2: OS version:
Win7 pro SP1 x64
3: What you did:
Open 'Settings' window.
4: What you actually saw:
Window with cropped right and bottom sides.
5: What you expected to happen or see:
Full settings window.
6: If possible attach a screenshot illustrating the GUI problem

Window is cropped as on pic.1 When find a hidden edge and try to move it (pic.2-3) - window is fully appears (pic.4).
It looks like CIS doesn't remember resize of GUI and show it with minimal size.
After the recent CIS 10 update, my processor been very busy thus makes it very hot. Since I do not have an offline installer of the old CIS 10 version, I am forced to downgrade to CIS 8. What's with CIS 10 then?

With CIS my computer runs smoother and cooler. Except that during update, the recognizer returns an error "File not found" and I do not see CryptoLocker.dll in the "proto_v6" folder when compared to other computers I have.

I am using Windows 7 64-bit (with the latest Windows Updates).
Edit: Laptop Lenovo T420 i5, 8GB RAM with plenty of HDD space
Firewall Help - CIS / Re: Freezes windows 10
« Last post by DragonWolf5589 on Today at 10:14:50 AM »
Please bear with me while I'm forced to reinstall the whole of windows 10 after comodo firewall messed up everything this time.

All restore points gone, network drivers won't work.  everything seems corrupted.

In addition it blocks files to everything, claims I don't have permission to access. I Took pics on phone and attached images (I couldnt even open anything to paste screenshots in, and onedrive normally saves them automaticly but that wouldn't boot up either)

As soon as the comodo firewall tray appears, It blocks 100% of every single exe file causing permissions issue, security tab to vanish from folder properties and stops shut down or restart. I can't even exit the firewall using the tray as this too completely freezes and refused to do anything.

Even files on external drive. Everything is "can't access" even tried process manager on external drive to try to get you the bootlogs, to no avail.

EDIT: Now finally removed comodo firewall, it refused to uninstall several times (luckily I downloaded comodo removal tool beforehand as it failed to Uninstall so found it in my files in safe mode)

but now all network drivers and internet won't work and refuse to reinstall or do anything So may still have to reinstall windows 10, and system restore is non existent as it corrupted and removed all files. I need it working to update stuff on my review site, so no choice but to reinstall windows 10 picking the option to keep my files and apps! (fingers crossed)

AntiVirus Help - CIS / Re: Detection of firmware virusses
« Last post by soccer2017 on Today at 10:14:01 AM »
Hello i can't provide you with the file because i deny it and gave it no any access to mine system. Comodo does what it must does keep the malware out of the system. Next time i try to catch it, isolate it and hopefully i can send it to comodo for analyses.
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