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I couldn't see what to click to post an image (where is that icon??), so here is the contents of the message.  This is using Firefox (? 53.0?)

I have not modified Comodo in any way such as adding info re sites to accept or block.  I did try to set Comodo to "do not block" or whatever that option is called.

Comodo Secure DNS [title of black box that appears]
Warning: Unsafe Website Blocked!

This website has been blocked temporarily because of the following reason(s):

    Malware: Site may contain content that is harmful, illegal, or malicious to your computer

Go back to safety (Recommended)

This website has been reported as unsafe by various users and we do NOT recommend you to continue browsing.
Disregard this warning and continue (Not Recommended)

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QGIS files
I have been checking for updates daily and installed a few. It is still happening.

MODIFY: As you may have gathered, the second part about the update disappearing has gone away...sort of. It's not in my tray any more. It was before all this.
That will make CIS with dark interface. Don't make it.
Agreed.. It is going to be the same senario of Chromodo and Dragon  :-X
That will make CIS with dark interface. Don't make it.
Hi Mops21,

We are processing your request.


Any infos about this

With best Regards
Good luck team COMODO with fixing your products for Win10!  ;D
Same here. I have no problem with Windows 7  8)
Windows 10 continuesly changing, it is hard to be compatible, I think  :D
Anyway, my bug is fixed  :azn:
Hi Mops,

It seems that the files you have been submitted are not digitally signed, therefore, we can't process them for TVL integration.


Ah okay thank you very much for your Infos can you Check this Android make the Files as safe aß trusted please

With best Regards
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