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So this workaround will allow me to block the process? Hmm. We'll see....
Firewall Help - CIS / Re: CCANET
« Last post by EricJH on Today at 03:29:04 PM »
It is most likely a company owned by Comodo. They both share the same physical address.
AntiVirus Help - CIS / Re: Unable to remove xmrig.exe malware
« Last post by EricJH on Today at 03:20:13 PM »
Try changing the Apply the selected action to unrecognized autorun entries related to new / modified registry items setting. Or use Autoruns to find the autostart and remove it.
So, after nearly 3 weeks can we have an answer as to why we can't block this process?!
You can use the following workaround for the time being:
You can try to turn off send usage statistics under logging settings.
AntiVirus Help - CIS / Re: CIS Anti-Virus Update hangs
« Last post by EricJH on Today at 03:06:24 PM »
Can you check the :\ProgramData\Comodo\CisDumps folder and see if there are crash logs there?

Molotov.exe (parent)
SHA-1:  4f8fdeff74ba559e6f4fc5a4f801a780e25048ea

Molotov.exe (app 4.2.3)
SHA-1:   0e5b8de5490472f5f9624bf0aa649874a30563e6

Website (safe official, application for french tv stream): hxxps://

Thank you.

Game steam : Holdfast : Nations at wars

Holdfast naw.exe
SHA-1 :  5f5d07aec565295a8cfb4963a1fab7c1dfbdf817

Thank you
Hello aranud87,

We processed your request,Please check and confirm.
Have a nice day!

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