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AntiVirus Help - CIS / Re: Scan Exclusions ignored
« Last post by mintmag on Today at 12:08:52 PM »
This bug seems to occur when the software does an update and post update scan, Please fix this Comodo I'm sick of geting false positives is areas I told the software not to scan.
Rules for modsecurity v2.x: Apache, LiteSpeed, Nginx, IIS
Rules for modsecurity v3.x: Nginx
Version 1.227

- XSS vulnerability in Cleantalk-spam-protect plugin before 5.127.4 for WordPress (CVE-2019-17515)
- Unrestricted file upload vulerability in Social Photo Gallery plugin 1.0 for WordPress (CVE-2019-14467)
- RCE vulnerability in Tribulant Newsletters plugin before 4.6.19 for WordPress (CVE-2019-14788)
- LFI vulnerability in Tribulant Newsletters plugin before 4.6.19 for WordPress (CVE-2019-14788)
- Privilege escalation vulnerability in ultimate-faqs plugin through 1.8.24 for WordPress (CVE-2019-17232)
- SQLi vulnerability in Sygnoos Popup Builder plugin before 3.45 for WordPress (CVE-2019-14695)
- SQLi vulnerability in ninja-forms plugin before for WordPress (CVE-2019-15025)
- XSS vulnerability in Zoho CRM Lead Magnet plugin for WordPress (CVE-2019-19306)
- SQLi vulnerability in FV Flowplayer Video Player plugin before for WordPress (CVE-2019-14801)
- FP fix
Hi pio,

Detection will be added soon.

Firewall Help - CIS / Re: high amout of "network intrusions attempts"
« Last post by nickfree on Today at 10:11:47 AM »
sorry i don't really understand what you mean;
i have the same configuration for cis for a long time and just lately this appeared.
if it helps,then it's a single pc on a non wifi home router and on Comodo it's the whole CIS suite with Pro active enabled and that's about it.(and on the blocked apps in "firewall" i have window operating system and NVcontainer.)
Just to clarify it turned out that Comodo Uninstaller v3.0.0.32 didn't remove Comodo Internet Security Essentials (the virtual desktop thingy).
It was still running in the background and I had to remove it manually + some remaining registry keys. 
So slight update might be needed here for newer CIS versions.
Firewall Help - CIS / Re: high amout of "network intrusions attempts"
« Last post by futuretech on Today at 09:39:48 AM »
Do you have logging enabled for the block rule or any other block rules? Without knowing how you have global and application rules configured, I can only guess its broadcast and/or multicast traffic being blocked that are sent from other devices on the local network.
Firewall Help - CIS / high amout of "network intrusions attempts"
« Last post by nickfree on Today at 08:50:55 AM »
in the past two weeks i noticed twice having around 60000 network intrusions attempts.
i just cleared the list but if i recall correctly it was from 'system' 10.38. and to my IP.
i have "block all incoming connections"set up, and usually the number of intrusion attempts is around 0-20~(i might get more if torrenting)
but I've never seen such a high amount.
what are your thoughts?
Comodo Mobile Security - CMS / Re: Comodo Mobile Security 3.0 Release
« Last post by patrice58 on Today at 06:18:47 AM »
I see no way of reporting a FP which is a bit weird. Another thing is having most of the features hidden behind a paywall. I think from that I can see the way CIS will be going..........
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