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After the recent upgrade to Internet Security, I'm getting regular popup windows about a crash "Internet Security has detected a crash". Any ideas on how to solve this?

Looking in the logs, the only thing that I can see is a regular error

Fail download telemetry config (hr=0x80070002)

Apart from that crash message, Comodo seems to be running perfectly.

Any help appreciated.
Hello, was using Debian 8 with Kernel 4.9 and followed these post;msg845875#msg845875and every thing went well with CAVL, when i upgraded to Debian 9 with Kernel 4.14, did dkpg install, changed the driver.tar for the one in the post, run, the driver build without any problems, COMODO showed the green shield, all fine.
But after i restart the system or turn it off and on , COMODO shows the red shield.
Sending a file to Valkyrie, issued "Error obtaining a verdict" :(
So if you install using the offline installer and run a program update after, it does download an older version of the recognizer.
yes futuretech
Hi Guys, I need some help.
I revert from this version to since is the last that works fine for me.
If I try a newer versions I experienced that issue,

Every now and again if I click in a bank web (included in Secure Shopping), Comodo does not show up de normal windows asking what to do. Instead of this comodo hangs for two or three minutes. Focussing the mouse on the Comodo icon in the notification area show up a message "... Comodo agent is not working". During that period the computer works as usual.
Then Comodo come back and in de main window it shows WerFault is blocked (see screenshot), and a new dump file is created.

Diagnostics does not show any error.

I'm ussing proactive configuration on windows 10 1709 16299.64 64 bit.

Some advice would be apreciated. Thks in advance.

Edit: I unblock this application but when repeat the process Comodo blocks it again.
So if you install using the offline installer and run a program update after, it does download an older version of the recognizer.
online installer is fine (damn offline installer). imported previous config & and trust list. working well. COMODO PLEASE CHECK OFFLINE INSTALLER WHICH IS AVAILABLE THROUGH DOWNLOAD SERVERS.
Hi, I have CIS version and I have a problem I do not remember having this problem before.
Despite Antivirus (and to be sure also Auto Containment, HIPS and VirusScope) is disabled, I am not able to run any exe that are detected as virus. When I try to execute them the usual Malware stopped toast notification appears. I have to kill all the Comodo processes in memory in order to start these exe.
Comodo says it is disabled but it still blocks exe. Is this a bug or is this me?

Many thanks for your suggestions.
hi erich, in 'ABOUT' it is showing 6420. setup file also showing 6420. how ever i uninstalled it now performing an online installer. i will inform if any error then.
thank you. :)
Hello sainath. I am just thinking out loud. Can you check the program version of CIS under Help --> About? I just want to make sure you have  6420 and did not accidentally get 6408 served when you downloaded the offline installer.

Could you also check the file version as reported in the Properties of the installer under the Details tab?
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