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dont rush.. keep it slow with full of bugfixes and goodies..

cis deservs it, and needs it.. we can wait. its all cool.. just bring us the best cis ever.. :)
Dev channel update to 81.0.396.0 is live

The stable version has been updated twice (as far as I know) since the initial release (79.0.309.65), but no announcements have been made. It is currently 79.0.309.71.

Edge Beta is currently 80.0.361.33, and Edge Canary is 81.0.402.0.
Help - DNS / Re: Report Blocked Sites You Believe Are Safe Here 2020
« Last post by mojotechs on Yesterday at 07:19:45 PM »
Please unblock *

1) *
2) Server has been scanned using numerous anti-malware solutions.  All malware has been removed.

Please note, this is affecting all subdomains under this domain.  It is using a Wildcard DNS entry.

Incorrect DNS response:

# dig [at] +short
# dig [at] +short
# dig [at] +short

Correct DNS response:
# dig [at] +short

If possible, can you provide any information as to why this site was blocked.
Defense+ / Sandbox Help - CIS / Re: Rules updates very slow
« Last post by aim4it on Yesterday at 11:34:09 AM »
The more rules you add the slower CIS becomes.  That's why they went with the trusted listed and safe mode for optimum defense vs speed.
Could you please elaborate? Like what kind of Malware detected and follow this format?

1. What you did?
2. What you actually saw?
3. What you expected to happen or see?and if possible with Screenshot.

Sorry I can not get you any screenshots anymore. I thought I posted them in reply  9 here:;msg894965#msg894965 but I do not see them.

What I saw was some things to do with Dell Update and some folders that I could not find on the pc.

I unblocked everything with the help of someone from Comodo.

But I must say that I have issues with my Dell update lately


Thanks for your comment, but as far as I'm aware the drivers being supplied via Windows Update were drivers sourced from Intel (i.e. not generic MS).

In any event the ones I downloaded and installed from Dell (so that I could control the install more tightly and circumvent the issue) were Intel drivers. Even with this, if I didn't disable HIPS and Containment I would run into the same issue (I know, 'cos I've tried it).

Defense+ / Sandbox Help - CIS / Rules updates very slow
« Last post by troubleshoont on Yesterday at 03:21:57 AM »
Hi, I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue I've had for a long time in Comodo. I think I might have created an account to ask before a long time ago, but I'm not sure... in any case, the issue I'm having is this:

Any time I do something that updates Firewall or HIPS rules e.g. purging the list, adding a rule manually, responding to an alert; Comodo itself takes a very long time to save the change, and hangs for ~10 seconds(only comodo and the program that triggered an alert, the rest of the system still runs normally.) This has persisted across multiple versions, multiple computers with totally different specs, and I've never been able to figure it out. It only rarely gets in the way, but it sure would be nice to go through alerts faster especially when installing a program without training mode on.

Does anyone know what can cause this or how to fix it?
Since the beta versions are both 64-bit, I hope the final one will also be released in 32-bit.

Do we have updates on the new release?
When will it be done?
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