Oddity and old bug

Oddity: CIS claims that it is up-to-date even database is 2 days (well over 2 but under 3) old.

Old bug: CIS icon still disappears randomly on toolbar icons.

Funny I have had that problem for awhile on the straight Firewall product. Seems to come back after some network activity. Product is active and their but the icon goes away as you state.

Hi cuser,

Thank you for reporting.
You mean the website database ?
@wnsmith23 @cuser The team is aware of the icon disappear issue and they are working on it.
We will update you as soon as it is fixed


No I have not seen any problems with the updates (as far as I can see) just the icon issue. In my case it is after the PC (Windows 10) starts up. The icon comes up then disappears. It seems to come back as soon as I use my browser or email program. The firewall is running as I can see it in process manager. Just no icon. This has been going on for quite awhile. FYI I still have a problem with Windows Security on recognizing Comodo Firewall is running until I do something with the Comodo interface (turn firewall off and on) then it acknowledges I am covered.

Hi wnsmith23,

We are aware of these issues and team is working on it.


Thank you. I look forward to the fixes.

Well whatever database CIS refers on mainpage (I assume virus).

Now it has been updated.

Hi cuser,

Ok, have a nice day.


Well this fits here too since it’s oddity.

Why CIS tries to run it’s own Powershell (c_powershell.exe_544etc) script (on CIS’s tempscrpts folder) own in the middle of night and blocks it from running (well runs it virtually)?

@cuser There is nothing strange about this; see here for an explanation why it is OK that these CIS-internal script files are running virtualised/contained/sandboxed: Exciting News: Comodo Internet Security 2024 Beta Now Open for Testing! - #517 by infosec

Well I’m using current stable version not Beta.

The working principle for this functionality is the same for both versions.

I have an update on the icon disappearance. Through trial and error I have found that for some reason the icon comes back when I open Thunderbird and it brings email down. Opening Firefox, Chrome or anything else does not seem to have any effect. Just opening Thunderbird and when it brings down new email the icon appears. Don’t know if this helps but just thought you would like to know. In addition to this is seems that it shows up when Thunderbird displays its icon for new mail in the icons toolbar. So it might be this action the triggers the reappearance of the Comodo icon. Maybe other apps adding an icon to the toolbar would also trigger the reappearance.