Exciting News: Comodo Internet Security 2024 Beta Now Open for Testing!

Hi @C.O.M.O.D.O_RT could you help me?
Thanks in advance and regards

Hi Avos-New-Forum,

Thank you for reporting. These tempscripts are safe.
kindly refer the below link for better understanding of the tempscript.


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Thank you so much :+1:
Unfortunately it warns me every time I open Chrome.

I replied to the wrong post… Here once more:

I, too, have many bat files in this folder and one or more blocked with firewall (+hips). Virustotal doesn’t detect any malware. Startpage doesn’t show any results but duckduckgo does when I enter (as an example) as a search many batfiles in Comodo tmpscrpt . Perhaps you can find help.

Have a look there: C_powershell.exe .ps1 question - #3 by nickfree

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Is it like this? I ask because I don’t have any problems with cis and I just care about safety. If so, I can stick with cis 8012. Or are there improvements that aren’t so obvious? So work more in the background?
I’m sticking with the Lucy theme as a design and therefore don’t need version 8088 unless the protective measures have been or will be improved somewhat.

Those .bat files are not dangerous in themselves as referenced by @C.O.M.O.D.O_RT here Exciting News: Comodo Internet Security 2024 Beta Now Open for Testing! - #512 by C.O.M.O.D.O_RT. As @egemen explains here Brand New Comodo Internet Security 10 with Secure Shopping is released!!! - #172 by egemen, they are just sandboxed file-translations by CIS of the (hidden) commandlines used on processes available on all Windows computers that could do harm. He also provided options what to do with them. @DecimaTech wrote here Brand New Comodo Internet Security 10 with Secure Shopping is released!!! - #181 by futuretech “You can delete the script files anytime you want and the contents of that folder will be emptied by CIS once it reaches a certain size which you can change in HIPS settings (default 100 KB).” For more information about those fileless threats (so-called Living Off The Land Binaries, Scripts and Libraries, or LOLBins), see here:

You can request to get your account disabled in Disabling your account [merged topic].

OK thanks.
In fact, I’ll wait for the next version.
And regarding the forum, I will just read without participating.
I have Comodo CIS since 2007 or 2008, I believe, be fifteen years.
Best wishes.

A MITM implementation is incredibly risky and would rather see that as a stand alone “component” than something integrated into CIS.

May I ask what you are doing if you feel you need 3 products to ‘feel’ safe?

The list of stuff you requested is several different products, and you all want them in one package, possibly for free? That list seems like something similar to what you’d see on the Star Citizen forums from the users requesting what the “game” should have.

CIS should focus on 3 main areas, starting with HIPS, Firewall and then antivirus (and the legacy heuristics and signature based stuff that they all rely on) with sandboxing.

What makes a user “suicidal” if they only use CIS in 2023?

Question regarding beta:
When opening HIPS with 8012 on W10 it takes quite a while and it seems that it checks the file names listed to add their icons to the list. This caused me major problems when I had perhaps 50-100 rules on a SSD that was dying.

Would it be possible for the rule listing to
a) NOT check every single file and
b) NOT load their icons.

I have already added the files, and some are not even files at all (like wildcard file name rules), and my focus on opening up the HIPS rules is to ADD, REMOVE or MODIFY rules pertaining to HIPS behaviour when that file is executed, NOT to verify that the file still exists or has a fancy icon.

If I wanted to check the files there is already the PURGE button.

So, is this behaviour changed in CIS 2024?


Also I have almost 100 rules in HIPS on a hard disk and Windows 10 + CIS 8012. HIPS opens immediately when I click on it.

You still have not replied to my before last post where I listed 9 false claims about CIS lack of protection and self protection.

Also you immunize yourself by stating that even though you tinker with your computer configuration: it cannot be at fault and are neither willing nor open to take into account your configuration as part of testing. You state you want to be helpful but without wanting to also look into your configuration you are not helpful. F.e. when kindly asked by C_O_M_O_D_O_RT to take into account to take into account that you also have two other security programs installed you simply ignore. That is not helpful.

That’s why I want you to respond to the list of 9 falsehoods you posted and to denounce them.

Is it this way? I just want to be safe; I don’t have any issues with being cis. If so, I’ll continue to use cis 8012. Or have there been less evident improvements? So work more in the background?
I don’t require version 8088 unless the defensive measures have been or will be slightly improved as I’m sticking with the Lucy theme for the design.

Moderator edit: suspicious link removed.

So, any news about it?


elif.bengi Comodo Staff 13d

Hello, CIS lovers,
Our next beta release plan has been finalized and we’ll share the new beta version on October 23rd, 2023.

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I quoted @C.O.M.O.D.O_RT for the update on a feature request.

Hello misbah and welcome. What is your concern?

Because of the posts of Varan-de-C0m0d0 and perhaps this warning:

Thank you for your answer to Varan-de-C0m0d0’s post. I still trust the capabilities of Comodo protection.

I’m not misbah but have the same concern what concerns me and the beta version.

Hi khanyash,

We have created feature request on “ask show alert option for unknown files in the CIS”.
The team is working on this and we will update you as soon as we get update from the team.


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The staff @ozer.metin created a request when I posted about it. CIS has a “show popup alerts” option for all its features for advanced users except unknown file containment. I am hoping the team will implement the requested feature, especially when it is available in the now-discontinued CCAV. Below is the link to the feature request the stated staff created.