Disabling your account [merged topic]


In the past I know that Comodo Accounts here at the forums could not be deleted so when I wanted to change my account name they had to lock my old account for goodjohn1984: https://forums.comodo.com/ and I had to create a new account for goodjohnjr: Comodo Forum

Now I no longer want or need the second account either & I am trying to remove my various old accounts/et cetera that are scattered around the internet so I was wondering if a moderator/whoever could delete those two accounts now (if possible now), if not could you remove any information/data (posts, threads, messages, et cetera) associated with those accounts or reset to default any information associated with those accounts (avatars, profile information, posts, threads, et cetera) or at least scrambled the information/et cetera for those accounts with gibberish or links to: http://www.accountkiller.com/removal-requested?.

-Thank you

Are there any moderators/employees/et cetera who can help me with this?

-Thank you

We do not delete accounts because deleting the account with the posts that belong to it will break topics (topics will look strange when posts are missing).

We offer to disable your account. We will change the username to disabledaccount## (## denote a number) and you will no longer be able to access your account. However this will not change the username that is used in quotes. If you would ever would like to sign up again in the future you will have to open a new account.

We will handle the disabling by pm. As part of the procedure we will ask one last time if you are sure you want to disable the account and you are understanding the consequences before we will disable it.

I have updated this post to properly reflect the procedure as it stands now. Eric

Well, if you ever do delete accounts/data one day, please add my accounts/data to the delete list; hopefully this basic function/feature will be added in the future, because I think that people should be able to delete their information/data/accounts if they want to, regardless of the minor effects/affects of doing so (which usually can easily be fixed/adjusted).

I am just trying to do a scorched earth strategy with all of my old accounts/data scattered across the internet but it is annoying/sad how many services/websites make this hard or impossible, so I am deleting/scrambling what I can, and I will try to avoid all services/websites et cetera in the future that will not allow someone to delete their accounts/information; and I will recommend those websites/services be added to the blacklist at Accountkiller.com: Blacklist - ACCOUNTKILLER.COM.

My goodjohn1984 account is locked to where I can not delete my avatar/scramble my information (I had it locked before I created my goodjohnjr account), can you unlock it so that I can do that at least, and then lock both accounts once I finish scrambling that account?

Thank you for responding EricJH.

Scorched earth: same here. Disable me. I am a nobody with nothing of substance to add.

Thanks to you Fjpoblam, I now know that I still have access to this account (I had forgotten this), which is good to know so that I can use it sometimes to report problems and suggestions to Comodo in the future if necessary; thank you, and good luck with having your account/data disabled and/or deleted. :slight_smile:

-John Jr

Hi fjpoblam,
We are all someone, we all have something to add. :wink:
If you would like to further discuss your account, please send me a PM.

Thanks from Captainsticks.

Well said Captainsticks.

" Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy." -Norman Vincent Peale

I also want to delete my account. Disabling it is better than nothing, but I am not even a Comodo user any more.

I just received an announcement by email, clearly for devoted Comodo users. At the bottom, it said:
To unsubscribe from these announcements, login to the forum and uncheck “Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email” in your profile.”

  • but I haven’t found that option in my profile or account-related settings. Please help!

Hi cat812,
Please check your ■■■.


Can you please tell me how to delete my forum account? I have looked through the settings, nothing. I tried to PM a Admin but the captcha was broken for me.

In other words, please delete my account.

Same here. Same problem. It’s obvious Comodo is not interested in anyone unsubscribing or they would have an unsubscribe link in their emails as they are legally required to have.

We can offer you to have your account disabled if that is what you desire.

I merged your post with an already existing topic.

Let us know if you want your account disabled.

I would like to have my account disabled.

Are you 100% certain? Once disabled it can no longer be enabled. We can also change your user name (the name forum members see) but not your account name.

I also want delete o disabled my forum account … help me …thank

I replied to your pm.

Hello EricJH,

I did not realize that you were also referring to me in that quote, and so sorry for the super late response.

I will keep this account in case I need to report issues in the future or something if I use a Comodo product again in the future.

Thank you,
-John Jr

No problem.