Microsoft Will End Support For Windows 10 in October 14,2025

Microsoft will shut down Windows 10 in 2025

The Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC Lifecycle end is 2032

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Not really an issue as a massive meteor will wipe out all Civilization September 2025. The remaining surviving Bacteria and Fungi can then switch to Win11.


I’m pretty sure they responded to public pressure and extended that deadline by a couple of years

Its like Windows 7 they will extend updates 3 more years till 2028

not quite, with windows 7 they made people pay hundreds of dollars for each device and the price got higher every year.

From what I understand, the extension on the life of win10 will be free for everyone who has a legitimate key.

I want to know with this warning from Microsoft, are there people who will migrate to LINUX?
If you migrate to LINUX, do you have CIS for LINUX?
And if it is efficient, like for WINDOWS?

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Most of the windows users will migrate to windows 11. There is no CIS for Linux and it is not really needed, though there used to be a version of Comodo Antivirus for Linux but now it is gone as far as I know.
They are other security software for Linux though. I am an active Linux user and I am not using any AV on my installation. I use a firewall though.

If one day I migrate to LINUX, I’ll want to install an AV, for my protection, even though many say that LINUX doesn’t get viruses.
I know several attacks that were made on LINUX.
That’s why I will use it. I think I’ll do like you use a firewall :grin:

I used to use an antivirus on Linux so I understand you perfectly :slight_smile:

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