How to Determine if a Forum Member is an Official Mod/Staff/Admin/Developer

In mid 2023, we had someone impersonate a Comodo/Xcitium developer and staff member.
It is against forum policy to impersonate a Comodo/Xcitium staff, administrator, moderator, developer, or any company official. Impersonators will be banned immediately.

We realize that this forum software makes it more difficult to distinguish who is an official member.
We are working with Comodo/Xcitium to get all officials properly designated.

An official-looking avatar picture or user name does not indicate anything official.
The only indicators of a certified moderator or Comodo/Xcitium official are the following:
1. A shield icon next to the user’s name, OR
2. A title that includes the terms “Comodo Staff” or “Moderator”

Note: sometimes a user may have both a shield and an official title.

Here are examples showing the official shield and an official title.