Is KillSwitch still supported?

I want to preface by saying that I have Comodo Beta 3 installed. Yesterday I remembered Comodo KillSwitch and how usefull it was and so I decided to give it a try and see what my computer is running in the background.

Also important noting that I reinstalled Windows last week and Comodo Internet Security was the first sofware to go on it.

Now my problem is that in the Autorun section of KillSwitch I’m getting a lot of entries marked as “unknown” (around 1000 entries). This is very weird considering that when I remember using KS a few years ago, only 3-4 entries were unknown and those were explainable. But now a lot of Windows services and also other 3rd party registry files and what not get marked as ”unknown”.

There’s also a similar thing with CIS where it asks me when I run games from GOG which is a subdivision of CD Project RED (Witcher) and I consider given how popular those games are there shouldn’t be any problem.

I know that Comodo went through a rough patch with the transformation in Xcitium and all that, but are the lookup cloud functions not maintained anymore? What happened to DACS? Are people not sending applications to get whitelisted anymore?

Thank you

Have you tried Cloud Verdict Customer Login | Xcitium Cloud Verdict ?

Hey, thank you for your suggestion. I installed it, but this seems more akin to Hitman Pro than to what KillSwitch was able to do. Does this software have an “Autoruns” section?

Thats Valkyrie it uses Automated Analysis(XAMAS) and human analysis to determine if a file is good or bad and the verdict goes to KillSwithc

as well it goes on VirusTotal database and Xcitium database

Then it is really weird that I have a lot of unknown entries if that’s the case.

i dont know why then

What is happening is very strange, this happens when the database is not updated, but I know that this is not your case.

Are the same Unknowns listed in CIS/CF? It’s usually just registry and memory compression.


I think I think he checked the box - Show Only the Untrusted images in Memory.
I think the way you said should solve his problem.

Hello. I think we have a bit of a missunderstanding. I know I wrote about KillSwitch, but I was referring to Autoruns Analyzer which is part of the suite. That is where my screenshot is from. In KillSwitch indeed, only Registry and Memory compression are “unknown”. So once again, I am reffering to the entries from Autoruns.

Now what is even weirder. I uninstalled CIS beta 3 and downloaded CCEcce_2.5.242177.201_x64 from the Comodo link that shows up on Google search and ran Autoruns again. This version (which appears to be from 2017 according to the copyright from About section) detects only about 40 unknown entries.

After that I installed Comodo Firewall the latest stable version and got KillSwitch from it. Now I have 1500 unknown entries.

From what I can tell I have a connection problem to the servers where KillSwitch is doing the lookup of the files. I tried changing my DNS to Google DNS but I get the same results.

For confirmation, if you run Autoruns Analyzer, how many entries do you get with “unknown”?

Thank you

I ran Autorun, look at the images below the results, it gave 70 All Microsoft Supplier unknown :face_with_peeking_eye:

Good evening, after a few days of my post, I went to check again and at this moment the number is now 19.
As shown in the image below:

@Adrosmart Any news about your post?

Hi. I am still running the version of Comodo and therefore KillSwitch and when going into Autoruns am still getting around 1400-1500 unknown entries. I still suspect maybe it’s a routing issue because I know the PC is ok. I’ve run all the tests with SFC and DISM + Mallwarebytes and nothing is out of the ordinary.

As regarding to updates, nobody from the Comodo staff responded to my post. Maybe they don’t consider it an issue.

The forum has a little bit of a ghost town vibe compared to what I remember 10+ years ago, but I’m happy that they are still developing the free version of CIS because nothing comes close to it in terms of protection.

Could you update your situation to the latest version, which is still in beta,
It would be good for you to try.

That was the version I was using when I made the thread. Only difference is that I only get about 1000 unknowns.

This situation is very strange, let’s hope someone from the forum or from the CIS team can tell you what is happening to you.