CIS and JDownloader

Could some1 of you eggheads explain to me why CIS blocks every other JD autoupdate and allows JD update itself on every other?

File which JD blocks is jdownloader.jar and only prioblem is that it appears on Contained only not on filelist so can’t whitelist it (and adding it to Trusted on Contained doesn’t allow it to run)…

Apparently that .jar file appears on admin side of CIS not on regular user side even when updating is started on reg. side and no elevation asked.

I have added all JD related I can see as regular user but that jdownloader.jar doesn’t appear on reg. user side of file list only in containment (as blocked) and saying that it’s trustable file there doesn’t help.

I give up on trying to figure how to make JD autoupdater to work with CIS since .exe is Trusted but still gets Fully Virtualized when update is attempted to install.