Where download CIS PRO Beta 2024?

Today I need to uninstall CIS Pro stable as still frozen my Windows 11 even if reinstalled.
With the Beta seems is better but I was just able to download the Premium Beta version.

Comodo should really release a new stable Comodo version as the old one is not updated since long time and I think have for sure Windows compatibility issues.

Currently seems the Comodo Beta version resolve a lot of issue I had with the “stable” that is two or more years old. PC is more fast, seems is never get frozen and even Internet seems works better.

I hope soon to see the stable 2024 version released because I cannot believe the current “stable” version is more stable and secure of the beta.

A two years old application cannot be more stable that the current Beta that if has an issue can be soon updated as well.

Whit the current stable I get PC performance issue, Internet issue.
Now with the Beta the PC works better, my production PC.

With this CIS update, it will probably solve several problems as Xcitium is at the forefront of this project to solve these problems.
I’ve already been to the Xcitium forum, which is the developer of CIS, to talk about various things that can be improved in CIS.