Comodo Firewall rule for web traffic (https)

Hello guys,

i have a question regarding firewall rules, i want to block everything except for https.
Now i tried to make a rule that allows traffic from my computers ip adress (Lan) to any adress (Wan). As source port and as destination port i selected port 443 for https.

I wanted to allow only my ip adress to access port 443, but it doesn’t work with this configuration. Do you have any idea what the problem is, or if there’s a better (more secure) way of establishing web traffic on comodo?

Thank you in advance

To block everything but HTTPS in Comodo Firewall:

  1. Make a rule to block all outgoing traffic.
  2. Then, create another rule to allow only outgoing traffic on port 443 (HTTPS) from your computer’s IP.

This is more secure and blocks everything except websites (HTTPS). Just be aware it might block other applications that rely on non-HTTPS traffic.
Also watch This Video :

Thank you, as you suggested i made a rule which blocks all traffic, but i still have a problem with the second rule for webtraffic.

As source ip i chose the ip adress of the computer, then for the destination ip adress i chose ‘any’ and for source port and destination port each 443. But i get no access to the internet with this configuration.