Official Comodo Uninstaller v3.2.0.82 Released

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce availability of Comodo Official Uninstaller that can be used if you can not uninstall Comodo Internet Security, Comodo firewall or Comodo Antivirus from Add/Remove or Uninstall section of Windows.

For 64-Bit Operating Systems:

For 32-Bit Operating Systems:

Few points:
Before it continues un-installation, it tries to create system re-store point and in case it fails, it will inform user to create before continuing.

It will typically ask for re-boot twice. Edit: No longer ask for reboots on v3.1.0.55

If this tool still fails and you still think you have Comodo installed and can’t re-install, we would like you to report bug in bug report section, providing following log files as input in post:

  • You will find log in same folder from where uninstall tool was executed
  • You need to find all logs from Windows temp folder (Windows Key + R and then type in %TEMP%) of following format:
    COMODO *_uninstall.log

A broken uninstallation situation typically happens when you end up re-starting system in between installation or update or somehow abort the installation or update. We hope this tool will help remove Comodo in those critical situations.

To mitigate these problems in future, in Dec-2017 CIS release:

  • Before CIS installation, uninstallation and update, CIS will try to create system re-store point
  • We will also be shipping these binaries together with Comodo installation in Dec-2017 release.


Edit: Comodo released an update without notification. The version number has changed from to to to I have adapted the information in the above. Following are the file hashes of the previous versions:

Version x64
Size: 2,08 MB (2.191.096 bytes)
MD5: 158657C1CFD545F442E7D670BDC63C76
SHA-1: 777AB9137319CD89711B4A237EE143C38B3872B5

Size: 1,83 MB (1.927.544 bytes)
MD5: 4A82279E89BDE98363C0EC5B6510CF50
SHA-1: 35C6DB7C221F43D672796FB3182AFB6D72CB5EA8

Version x64
Size: 2,04 MB (2.147.704 bytes)
MD5: EA6868ECEA14ADA685A5E7662F22D831
SHA-1: 9B9C1ACFA38F84A16D57E7AC233E414A5BBBE6FF

Version x86
Size 1,83 MB (1.927.544 bytes)
MD5: D92D3C7EEB95E49C2C0004CE459D08A4
SHA-1: 1A4B5D4009546267AEAB0C971B7F608AA32C5288

Version x86
Size: 1,82 MB (1.916.512 bytes)
MD5: 454E566CEA7F9C0D5BF0D485872707F9
SHA-1: 0907BD7B05852A460B92B0573ADBE28F9B4C5ECF

Version x64
Size: 2,03 MB (2.130.016 bytes)
MD5: 3212E292594A585B31C6C59CB904651F
SHA-1: 3A9DF9A314AC550EAA36B200B8A8FD27748C0AF6

Version x64
Size: 1.60 MB (1,688,256 bytes)
MD5: ac45fb246f2fef1a9da5971003afb625
SHA1: b5706204170cb2257914d407ee9640506d579a7c

Version x86
Size: 1.47 MB (1,543,360 bytes)
MD5: 4ad9e9a5411980dfe8e510194698c2b4
SHA1: 266304cc77ab7549340a0e2ed6f56e7065e99083

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Congratulations with and thank you so much for the release. It’s good to have an official uninstaller tool. :-TU

Super! Thank you so much Guys!

Does it work with Comodo Client Security as well (Comodo ITSM)?


Greeeat! So how to avoid users to uninstall CCS at the endpoint level?

Great Umesh! :-TU Thank you. Much awaited!

404 Not Found

Please check if you have test server entry in hosts file.

That was it. Thanks!

I had time to play with it. Its much better then the old version. I dont see any issues off hand, but will report if any found

This is a historical moment for Comodo!
Although terribly overdue… I know it’s going to become a well recieved tool! :-TU Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I tried it. After quietly installed any antivirus, but the registry entries remain

Some registry residue may be there.

Could it uninstall successfully?

When reinstalling the CIS or installing another antivirus, there is no problem


The registry keys that get left behind can be removed without a problem. They are no longer protected by running processes of CIS nor are there user right limitations that will block you or your favorite registry cleaner from removing them.


On Win XP SP3 Comodo Uninstaller worked flawlessly with CIS (as a preventive measure Avast antivirus free has been temporarily disabled). Some entries found with CCleaner have been easily deleted without bad effects.
Installed Comodo Firewall via online installer. Everything works fine now. I’ve been waiting for a long time for an official uninstaller and this one seems to do a good job.
Thank you very much.

Today I had to use the 64-bit version of this uninstaller on a Windows 10 system that was crashing with a blue screen reporting a problem with cmdhlp.sys. This was right after Microsoft’s Fall Creator Update (1709). See;msg870145#msg870145.

Booting to Safe Mode (no networking), then running the Comodo uninstaller, then rebooting, I was able to recover. But my network connectivity wouldn’t work. It turned out that my network adapter was still binding to an entry called “COMODO Internet Security Firewall Driver”. Clearing its checkbox for that entry got me back onto the internet. Looks like the official Comodo uninstaller doesn’t do a thorough enough job.

Booting into safe mode without networking support is why it didn’t remove the firewall driver. The uninstaller could not see it being installed due to no network adapters being available or shown as installed when booting into minimal safe mode. I would have renamed cmdhlp.sys when in safe mode then booting normally, and renamed it back to cmdhlp.sys and run the uninstaller tool. Or boot into safe mode with networking.