Problem Using Comodo Dragon within Secure shopping

The problem described below seems to have arisen after I updated to dragon version 123.0.6312.123 (64-bit). I am using CIS with secure shopping version 1.4.478445.159 on windows 10 Home. [Addendum: since my post below, another user posted regarding this same problem.]

On the normal desktop, the latest dragon version works fine: all webpages load fine.
However, when i open the latest dragon in secure shopping, websites will not open, but the mouse cursor keeps blinking between the arrow and the hourglass, as if comodo is intermittently trying to do something.
Also, when i type a website into the URL bar at the top of dragon, it states “Your connection to this site is not secure” when i hover over the certificate icon (the icon shaped like an “i” within a circle) - and it does this for every website, even ones that I know are secure.
This issue is present whether I am in incognito mode or not.

I uninstalled CIS, secure shopping, and dragon - then re-installed all of them with the CIS installer - this did not help. However, with this installer, dragon version 72 something (an old version) is installed. When i ran this old dragon version in secure shopping, websites opened fine. After i updated dragon to the latest version of dragon (123.0.6312.123), dragon would not open any websites when it was inside the secure shopping environment.

None of the maneuvers shown below resolved the issue:

  1. Running CIS diagnostics - found nothing wrong.
  2. Deactivating all dragon security features (including DNS).
  3. Rebooting the computer.
  4. Disabling the firewall, HIPS, Antivirus, Auto-containment, Website filtering, & Viruscope (individually and all at once).
  5. I had superantispyware running alongside CIS for years without any problem, but for this issue, I disabled superantispyware and it had no effect.
  6. Uninstalling dragon, CIS, and secure shopping and then re-installing all of these with cispremium_installer for CIS
  7. Ran SFC and repaired a few windows files.

Other info:
Microsoft edge loads fine in Secure shopping, and I can reach websites with it.
I have no other security/firewall/Antivirus programs running other than the default windows stuff).

So, it seems that this is a problem that is specific to dragon version 123.0.6312.123 when it is run inside the secure shopping environment. Maybe the latest update of dragon broke something?

Windows 10 Home Version 22H2 (64-bit operating system)
OS build 19045.4291
Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19056.1000.0
Intel(R) Core™ i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 32.0 GB RAM
x64-based processor

Any response to the problem described above?
The problem still persists.

Hi @Whoop-dee-doo,

We are investigating on a new version of Comodo Dragon. For the moment, please consider using the Virtual Mode.

Also, as a workaround, please consider using an older version of Comodo Dragon (i.e. 121.0.6167.140).

Best regards,
The Comodo Browser Team.

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Thanks @cosmin.dragon,
Can you post a link to the older version of dragon (121.0.6167.140)?

The links I have been using keep downloading dragon 123.0.6312.123.

Hi @Whoop-dee-doo,

Please follow this link in order to download Comodo Dragon v121.
Also, make sure that the update is set to Manual.

Best regards,
The Comodo Browser Team.