Comodo secure shopping not loading any websites

I have comodo secure shopping and when I load comodo dragon in securing shopping, and click on my bookmark for email website, it says it is loading and I see the circle going round and round on the tab, but it never loads. I even entered my news station and it does the same thing. I have even tried t o go to the comodo website and it does the same thing. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and it still happens. the Comodo Dragon version is 123.0.6312.123 (32 bit) and comodo secure shopping is 32 bit ver 1.4.478445.159. I am using Windows 10. I can using the virtual comodo dragon and that loads my website. I use secure shopping for everything please help thanks

I have the same issue: my details are reported in a different thread.
(I could not figure out how to merge the topics).

CSS is designed to work only with IE & Firefox.
Unfortunately @Melih has announced that there will be no new version of CSS.

Please see the developer’s response to this issue in the other thread about this problem. For any further questions and information regarding this issue, please use that thread.
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