CIS Certifications, Test Results & Reviews

Poll Updated, more links to be added and sorted - 23/09/2013 Josh.


Comodo rise is almost meteoric (AV Test).

AV TEST:[report_no]=132351

Here are test results/reviews/certifications of Comodo Internet Security. More links will be added as more reviews and certifications come.
Malware samples: 522,634
Industry Average: 97%
[b]Comodo Detection ratio: 97%

Industry average: 62%
Blocking of Malware: 100%
[/b] (Reader’s Choice Award for 2011) (Comodo wins “Free Security Face Off” poll),2817,2363256,00.asp,1425,sz=1&i=235761,00.jpg

AV malware test
AV resource test
–this site has made comparative where you can see the rise of Comodo (see past years “confronto antivirus” from 2007 with Comodo AV 1.1)–


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WOW! great work comodo team congrats! :-TU

Please post more links to reviews, tests certifications so we can add them to our list. :slight_smile:


Comodo is tested here in some of there tests:

Not official but comodo did good in this test:

Also not official but there are a couple of youtube test video’s from guys that test software (for example languy :-TU )

pcmag review:,2817,2363256,00.asp

Little bit older but comodo done good:

Cnet review:

Sandbox battle (is in polish but the video will say enough):

Virusinfo tests:

Maximum PC:

Thanks for the long list of CIS reviews Netherlands!


excelente trabajo que bueno saber que Comodo es el mejor y siempre lo sera y todo gracias a todos los que colaboramos a que cada dia sea mejor :comodo110: :ilovecomodo:

Translation for those who don’t know beautiful but still foreign Spanish :wink:

excellent work good to know that Comodo is the best and always will, all thanks to all who collaborate to be better each day

P.S. I skipped only smiles. translation made in Google translate 8)

Thats pretty good results Josh! :-TU

good idea to put them all here Josh, thanks!


Good idea! But i still think that all wait for Av-Comparatives test (the first serious official test for comodo).

I know it was already tested by West labs but for most users AV-C and VB 100% are most known and respectful AV test laboratories.

Yep… we will wait for these further certifications.


There is another good one translated here:

If you go to the bottom of the page you can link to other results in different tests.

Thanks for compiling these. :-TU

Interesting to see these result were achieved by CIS 3.9.

Ewen :slight_smile:

A new Russian self protection test:

The test is old, as CIS 3.9 has been long gone.
I would like to see a retest done with the latest AV’s out there, including CIS 2011.

No it is a new test using 4.1.

i believe the top two are russian companies… Kaspersky and DrWeb
…that’s a little suspicious for a russian self protection test to give those particular results.

then again i may totally be wrong :slight_smile: … just a quick observation.

you can read it translated and see that nothing suspicious :wink: