Release Date of next version of CIS V6? Speculations and lamentations

I strongly recommend uninstalling version 5 and installing version 6 from scratch to avoid any issues.

Yes you can if you want to keep your old settings, but do not try importing a configuration into CIS V6 as it is likely to fail.

If you do a over the top install, just go to configurations after CIS V6 is finished installing and activated your 5.12 configuration

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We should have a website dedicated to having a counter of how long ago CIS was updated. =3

Neee, the best thing is to have a countdown till next release ;D :o

According to egemen it may be there by April 18:

And as I stated before, Thursday’s is usually a good day for a release of CIS…8)

A week! I Can’t wait a week!

Nah I’m kidding, I can be very patient. :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be nice.

However, I’d rather they take some more time (assuming they need it to fix vulnerabilities) rather than push out another rushed release.

Yup, I hope the next release will be even stronger and with some performance improvements. So Comodo please take your time. I want to switch back to CIS with all my hart. So I hope the next release will be just the way CIS always was, strong and light :slight_smile:

This speaks volumes, never being able to meet one’s own deadlines.

I’m planning to upgrade V5 to V6 too, if comodo provide an V5 Like interface, alongside New Interface(for new users Use) and user can Choose the interface. Basic(New) or Advanced.

Who says it’s a deadline.?You are making it sound more urgent than it is. I am wondering why… :THNK

It is ready when it is ready…

They have never been able to deliver a new version on the date which they themselves set, and you don’t see a problem with that?
Would you want to keep someone like that as a close trusted friend?

Do you not understand estimates?

An estimate of when a release will be ready is a very different thing than a deadline…

Argumentative; dates given by Comodo were never written in stone.

Would you want to keep someone like that as a close trusted friend?
Leading question, which is likely indicative of your intent. Consider this a warning.

I really do not see a problem at all - I find Comodo 6 super fast, excellent protection (took me a while to work it all out!) I’d imagine all Comodo staff are working hard to fix bugs, especially when it must be very hard to fix each individual one

A warning of what?

Do you work with expectations?

If I told my boss, “Yes Sir, such and such will be done by this estimated time.” and I miss that time, it will be remembered. IF I repeatedly miss my “estimated” times that would make me a fool with a big mouth who can’t project when a project might reasonably be done.

Not saying anyone here is a fool, just saying common sense. People are remembered by what they say. Note “The Boy who Cried Wolf”

And I would certainly not want such a “estimating” person as a friend. It’s kinda obvious don’t you think?
And I would most certainly question why a moderator would issue a warning in such a case.

The warning encompasses behaviour in the context of a member’s history. That’s all I am saying about it other than referring you to How to appeal against Moderators decisions.

“Shooting the messenger” is a metaphoric phrase used to describe the act of lashing out at the (blameless) bearer of bad news.

Attacking the messenger" is a subdivision of the ad hominem logical fallacy."

Fallacious Argument.

You have been warned.

Please consider what you posted since you have come back.

Posts written for the sole purpose of antagonizing others or starting an argument are not allow as you know.

Opinions are welcome, but they must not be used for the sole purpose of flaming and rudeness against Comodo.

If your only purpose is any of the above please do not post.

I will not warn you again as you have already received your Final warning.

I just ask you to again to consider what you are posting, I have no wish to ban you but if intend to carry on with this attitude sorry you will be banned.