Release Date of next version of CIS V6? Speculations and lamentations

I know a lot of people have asked this question, many pondering on it, why have we had no updates (and that’s not a rhetorical question.) A member of staff e.g., egemen could at least explain that it’s taking longer than exspected/we thought, then we would all know. But being left in the dark is kinda wrong, well I think so!

Plus, the security concerns that people have demostrated over the past week, leaving some doubting the sandbox could also be addressed.

I thought that was implied by the lack of release? ???

I just hope the release will have GUI improvements confirmed by Devs along with other fixes & improvements.

Well it’s now nearly two months and we have yet to hear anything from Comodo staff - why do they not explain to everyone what is happening…

Not sure it will happen with next release, whenever that might be.

I would hope that at least the update from CIS 5.** is available.

As far as releases go never expect the unexpected, they have never release when the actually posted a hoped for date in all the time of have been here.

Sorry do not expect any Staff member to post unless they are going through the final stage even then I doubt it.

What usually happens a member spots and post the update first :slight_smile:


I must be a small minority who loves the new UI

Why don’t you apply your own reasoning to the always recurring question “when will the next update been released”?

It could be something like that :
“I’m a medical doctor from London, UK - I’ve never seen so much questions over when the next release will occur, may be it’s my job, but if that’s all people had to be concerned about my patients would be very happy”. :stuck_out_tongue:

True, true… Looking at the security concerns, which have yet to be confirmed, but for know one to address the issue, especially members of staff then people are left in the lurch. And please do not quote things from the past - things do change

You are no more a medical doctor?

Yes I graduated from St Georges Medical school at 23, I’ve done my F1 and F2 yrs, now ST-ST9 just passed my second exam so I am now a ST2 or SpR Psychiatrist I work at King’s College Hospital, London, I’ve also done my BSc, MSc and now working on my PhD

i think we need to wait for one more month. nothing sure here. this thing shows that they listen to their cis users. ???without inform anything. ???

It would seem that way, may be they do not think to tell their customers what is going on, many want to no - a lot want these security issues addressed asap.

Any word about the next CIS 6 update? LOL! ;D

Yes there is, it’s still not there :a0

may be the next upgrade next year, I do not care since they do not release full versions of vices :rocks:

there is so much issues with their products. like private alert in comodo dragon god knows when that will be added of comodo dragon. no updates to cce, no updates to csu etc cis update no words to say. no information why it is delaying ,any thing, any information they can provide to their users so that we will understand their problems and we will wait for more times. 8)

a big no ;D

'm not the development team can kick over there what do this, since the last update that some users like the product tested mainly (a256886572008), has shown that the various vulnerability latest version of CIS 6 has, just take a searched the forum.
which can be a cause for the delay of a release stable.
patience personal :-TU


I think they will Release a New Version into the Next Week

The Next Week is the last Week of March 2013

Well, I had just reinstalled Windows, and put my CIS ver. 6 in. Now normally every time I do this Comodo usually releases a new version in a day or two. So let us see if the normalcy changes. :slight_smile: