Questions regarding development of CIS

Well done, Melih!

Will the CIS version be continued developing in the later future? It has been a long time without new release and bug fixing…

Yes we will continue…

but how can you improve perfection? :slight_smile: Update or not, it just works and protects people!

We might do some facelift maybe?

Shall we start another thread with all the improvements users want to see?

all i ask is cis fully supporting windows 10… nothing more…

Hello Mélih,
For me the protection philosophy is good at Comodo
The opening of a topic with the wishes of the users would be a plus it seems to me

Hello Melih,

It is reassuring to know that Comodo is continuing with CIS. Thank you for this information.

CIS is indeed an excellent product but perfection does not exist in this world, fortunately otherwise we would be bored.

It is indeed an excellent idea to start a new thread with all the improvements/fixes users want to see.

It would be possible to split it up by major CIS functionality:

  • AV (e.g. level 1, email clients, …)
  • FW (adding dates in some functions, …)
  • HIPS (protected files, …),
  • Web (web filtering, CISE, COS, CSS, Edge in containment & CSS, …)

Comodo could make a return on their interest and their feasibility and on a possible date of availability for the selected subjects.

Kind regards

Hi Melih,

Improvements can be made by consistently fixing bugs, some are quite longstanding.

We already have a sub-forums for wishlist but seems no follow up on that.

Ok great
Lets create a different Post

1)Lets get feedback about what our users want to see in our UI (maybe our users can provide a mock up of the UI they want to see, therefore Comodo could be a User Designed Security Product)
2)Lets get a list of all the bugs…

Thanks for all your help guys!
Much appreciated

Sorry but I really don’t understand this.
Many users have spent a lot of time and effort over the past years on reporting bugs and submitting their wishes and seemingly all their invested precious time and effort is now binned as a new bug list / wish list has to be re-created from scratch.
Speaking of wasting time and not taking users seriously.

not saying bin all that and start fresh…
what I am saying is:
lets collate all that, structure it and lets execute.

Lets start with:

What do our users want to see on the “main dashboard” when you open up Comodo?

What I want to see is the reported bugs do get confirmed and be fixed. A lot of bug-report threads are not responded anymore after the first response. We are very confused that the obvious long lasting bugs have not been fixed for a long time.

For example, the CSS module even doesn’t support the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser which has been integrated in the lasted Windows 10 OS for years.

Hi All,

We are tracking every issues reported by you and working on it. Especially the cases mentioned here by our moderators We assure you the CIS improvement and we look forward to share your kind thoughts on your expectations in the above link. We will make sure to implement them.

What worries me the most and am afraid of is that CIS code has to be completely refurbished (read: rewritten from scratch) in order to be able to fix all the unresolved bugs (both externally user bugs and internally Comodo bugs) and that rewriting CIS code never shall happen resulting in unresolved bugs for ever.

Hello C.O.M.O.D.O RT,

Above link is off limits for users, can we get access to it?


Many ideas have been put forward in this thread :

there are certainly some of the ideas to be taken up


I think we need to create a new category to discuss it because this discussion section relates only to the CIS certification and not to the interface
Being myself administrator of SMF, it is the latter to add this category

The bug code is a cover of only part of the programming
What Melih asks concerns the interface in a way a survey

Hope you can access it now with this link:

Edit : Kindly lets discuss about the CIS improvement in this link.

@C.O.M.O.D.O RT,

Could you please verify and highlight on that list one-by-one about the one that has been resolved?

Yes the bug list is accessible now, thank you.