A free online file verdict service “Valkyrie” is formally released today!

The thing that i am more eager to see in CIS V.6 is the AS with virtualizattion, but i have to admit Valkyrie is growing on me. Fantastic application.
Let´s just hope that integration into the FLS will be fast and problem free.

:-TU :-TU wasgij6.

it is amazing and its only going to improve with the new and improve dynamic detectors

Fanny this was posted to Melih in another topic and he said to ask you

i agree with this request. can the valkyrie team develop something like this?

A powerful beast prepared for the battlefield of the Internet. 8) 8)

Ready for battle in deed!


It is often said that if you see a Valkyrie before a battle, you will die in that battle.
Malware destiny… 88)

Hello Fanny,

At this point of development, is it possible to give COMODO forum users the priviledge to start using a cloud based software to get verdicts of files on local computer?

Currently the software from Valkyrie its to submit files and get results on the web.

I think we are on a stage now, where submission should not be the only thing on testing procedures, but with a cloud-based software to test local folders with hundreds of malware, and see the scan results ONLY from valkyre right in the software? (always with an option to submit to the web in case Valkyrie doesnt detect something).

More than a submission, it would be something like a cloud antivirus, but using Valkyrie only.

Melih said it would be ok to ask you…

You think its time to get into this type of testing?

Are files marked as Suspicious/UnWanted by Valkyrie and submitted to Comodo lab also added to detection database?

it would be great if we can see an uploader like the picture i attached or something similar.

Also to make things easier for the user when using the uploader it should first check the files hash will valkyrie to see if the file has already been analyzed without uploading the entire file. if the hash is found a dialog should popup saying “this file has already been analyzed would you like to: reanalyze the file or view last report” if the hash is not found the uploader should just proceed with the upload as normal. Once the file is analyzed the user should be able to click on a file in the window and be able to open the analysis page on the valkyrie site. The last thing that would make the uploader great would be to do what comodo dragon did with the installer, be able to have a portable version, if installed there will be a context menu

thanks for this great service comodo!

EDIT: i thought of something else. add a settings menu so the user can choose the network priority of the uploader. so if they want faster upload speeds but at the cost of consuming all bandwidth. i remember seeing something like this in comodo backup v4

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@ wsgij

That’s how should Valkyrie uploader looks like :-TU :-TU

CAMAS servers need new OS…I mean Windows Seven, because some malware now won’t even start on XP and can’t get analyzed, for example this:


On my XP it doesn’t want to start but on Windows Seven it does a lot of harm:


You should report this as a bug, so a dev will read it.

I guess that Fanny will read this… :slight_smile:

This Time is Down. ???

I can’t upload anything…it just keeps refreshing the first page…

Valkyrie revive ;D but slow processing. >:-D

very slow. the advanced heuristics keep timing out for me. it says its to busy.

i wonder if we are going to see a new version soon

I believe they are working on the infrastructure behind Valkyrie.

Sometimes, to go two steps forward you have to take one step back briefly.

Ewen :slight_smile:

makes sense. any idea how long it will be

What happened to one analyst? ???
There were 7 of them and now there are only 6…

He was infected by a virus, now is resting ;D