CIS v6 OMG!!!!!!!

When in August ? early, mid or late :-\

I guess it is already a deadly bomb for all competitors!

And August of what year, this or that …

I simply meant why a new thread for everything like ----

Oh My God, CIS6 is Amazing ----- A New Thread

Oh My Dear God, CIS6 is Awesome -------- A New Thread

Do you know CIS6 can Dance ------- A New Thread

Yesterday CIS6 said Hello ----------A New Thread

Ahh CIS6 is This ---- A New Thread

CIS6 is That ----- A New Thread

Is there a need to open a new thread everytime for everything?

Yes, just not to tease us … >:-D

Coming from yourself, I’m assuming that this is some sort of joke that I don’t currently understand. :-\

Isn’t it nice to hear that some progress is happening.

Don’t get irate, it is all for a bit of fun and after all it is in the GDAAE section.
A wise man in another topic once said,

Ok, is the new thread on CIS6 coming soon… :slight_smile: Any release date for the new thread :wink:

cheers :■■■■


I had a chance to see CIS v6 in action yesterday....

Screenshot or it didn’t happen ;D

Morph… :smiley:

Melih can we get some kind of new info or screenshots, maybe something about the behavior blocker?


just one preview plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

hummm… I remember something similar about V4.
How long ago was that?

NOTHING is replacing Sandboxie, keep your wits about you.

I start to get worried… I hope 5.10 will stay around; it works.

Actually Virtual Kiosk facility in CIS 6 ditches the Sandboxie.

How about a CEO preview for the mod squad? :a0

I agree with that statement! :-TU

V4 was easier than V3.
V5 was easier than V4.
V6 will hopefully continue the trend.

The only true constant is change.

I am all for a Mod preview, Melih.
You certainly know how to stir the wasp’s nest. Lol