CIS v6 OMG!!!!!!!

I had a chance to see CIS v6 in action yesterday…

one word OMG (ok 3 words…:))

Kiosk is like turning your computer into a Virtual computer…one amazing application…You click on Kiosk…you are presented your own desktop and do whatever you wish…amazing amazing amazing very easy to use…

I can “flip” CIS…
there are amazing security functionalities…and this is SOOOOOO SIMPLE to use…its fantastic how our guys managed to make it VERY EASY to use while increasing functionality…That is INNOVATION!

Sorry, didn’t mean to tease you with this without giving you something to see or play…but I couldn’t resist myself…I can confidently say with CIS 6 the bar will be set very high for other vendors to follow…yes…for free…


Can’t you show us? Please, pretty please.
It does sound mighty interesting.
I will see you out the back with pretty sugar sprinkles on top.

sounds great, why not release some screenshots?

I’m having trouble believing this. :smiley:

Nothing new you gave us here. So plzz dont create a new thread for all the same posts about CIS 6.

This could be treated as spam & you may be blocked entering the forum.

There is a dedicated thread for CIS 6 so post there.

If you have anything new like screenshots, beta, etc you are welcome to create a new thread.

You knew you could “flip” CIS in version 6… why didn’t you say anything? I don’t even know what it means!!

Those are just words. I meant show/give us something like screenshots, beta. Until then that flip is a flop for us.

The above is enough to say it is alive and kicking, that is new. >:-D


Oh dear, you’re referring to yourself in the plural… never a good sign. Perhaps you should wait until something is posted that you do like. :slight_smile:

Yeah, you are not teasing us, everyone is calm…

What exactly does Kiosk have to do with a security product?

Sneak peek into Comodo R&D labs

This is a SUPER security product!!!
And replacing Sandboxie the Great .

Looking forward as everybody else to its release. In the meantime, better kept everything under cover. Let’s it be a bomb for the competitors when they’ll see it in the final stage. :wink:

When in August ? early, mid or late :-\

I guess it is already a deadly bomb for all competitors!

And August of what year, this or that …

I simply meant why a new thread for everything like ----

Oh My God, CIS6 is Amazing ----- A New Thread

Oh My Dear God, CIS6 is Awesome -------- A New Thread

Do you know CIS6 can Dance ------- A New Thread

Yesterday CIS6 said Hello ----------A New Thread

Ahh CIS6 is This ---- A New Thread

CIS6 is That ----- A New Thread

Is there a need to open a new thread everytime for everything?

Yes, just not to tease us … >:-D

Coming from yourself, I’m assuming that this is some sort of joke that I don’t currently understand. :-\

Isn’t it nice to hear that some progress is happening.

Don’t get irate, it is all for a bit of fun and after all it is in the GDAAE section.
A wise man in another topic once said,