Questions regarding development of CIS

Ming wouldn’t make such an announcement on this public forum if Comodo would only release a new corporate/enterprise version, that just doesn’t make sense.

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On Comodo’s website, it says Comodo Free Firewall ‘2022’

I have heard rumors online that its development has been halted. Is this true? :frowning:
Is it still being actively development, or the contrary?

No - the rumors (malicious or otherwise) are not true

In addition to Ploget:

  • The current version protects very well
  • Melih’s protection philosophy is intact


offtopic and youre causing confusion misinformationing people about cis consumer editions to be abandoned. what now? youre an moderator. do i report you “to you”? joke, right?

I knew it, I knew it.
Almost a year has past without a single new CIS free personal home version nor any betas or whatever.
Is CIS free for personal home use really dying, what do Staff say?

Avlab was asked why they didn’t test the consumer version of comodo, they said “vendors choice”, avlab is the last testing organization to test CIS while av-test has been testing CCS and stopped testing CIS back in 2019. I have asked through PM about any info that can be shared about the next release, and it was ignored, I asked Melih himself and he gave a non-answer other than they brought in a new team and we can expect improvements across the board including CIS.

future, i know you are, as us, sad about all of that but my point is: any time i ask any informations regardless cis, there is a mod who get mad and report all my posts to the violation board… even something like "ah… nvm’ he report. and as youre an moderator i had to complain about you being offtopic here and i hope the rage-mod will do its function here, as a bot, and report you too. otherwise, it will only show us that even the forum is abandoned.

After so many years with excellent experience with comodo it is really bitter. Does this give a glimmer of hope:

Should we look for another software?

I would like to know as well.

From Futuretech’s post it is not very clear to me if CIS is now discontinued or if this “new team” will eventually show the reason they were hired in the first place, and bring in these so-called “improvements across the board, including CIS”. Not trying to be that kind of guy who complains, but more clarification, transparency and communication is needed from Comodo Staff regarding CIS and its future, and given the current situation this should now actually come from higher ranked Staff members, for the sake of dissipating all doubts, uncertainty and fear regarding the future of CIS releases.

If transparency is improved, then the number of people complaining will decrease and the speculations about CIS being abandoned will cease completely.

Other than improved transparency, the only thing that can dissipate all doubts is a new CIS release. Let’s hope for the best.

nobody knows if cis is really dead until someone from comodo say so. but the things where they are now, shows us that "maybe’ its really abandoned. we still have hopes, but the hopes are fading.

because i use comodo internet security?

  1. excellent firewall;
  2. comodo internet security is or one antilogger;
  3. comodo internet security have control parental (is perfect for parents);

Please stop your negative Comodo speculations

  • Comodo fully protects my PCs
  • The firewall is one of the best in the world
  • Comodo works great on Windows 10 - 11
  • The few bugs do not affect the protection
    Be patient… 8)

The best way to prove your commitment to CIS is to purchase one licence.

If you need reassurance, you can wait until the next version is released to make the purchase.

Hello, members of the comodo family, I am the developer of cis. Please rest assured that we will not abandon CIS. Now the development progress has been delayed due to various reasons. I hope everyone understands and thank you for your support to comodo and CIS. :slight_smile:

this is a good news…

can you provide any information regardless release time expectations or atlest something about whats going on, whats the goals for cis from now on? are you doing some bugfixes or a new cis? i understand you maybe can not provide release dates etc, but some tips on whats coming for the next release, if possible, would be great.

edit.: sorry but, you said that you are “the” dev of cis. are you the only one dev working on cis? o.O if so then we can understand all these delays and thats fine dude. we have faith in you.


Personally never believed the end of Comodo CIS
How can such protection disappear ?
Thanks for confirming it ming.zhou :-TU
I understand very well the current situation (Covid) and give you all my support to you and all the Staff
Thank you to the whole team for existing thanks to Melih whom I salute by the way :slight_smile:

It is most likely that ming.zhou is CIS Development Manager.