CAMAS check more sensitive

Hi, good evening. Maybe it’s a lack on my part, I apologize in advance because I am no expert and not work in computer science, but I like very on malware area.

I wonder if would leave CAMAS the most sensitive? If so, I could create a wish. (I apologize if I being ignorant).

It’s because I repair the heuristics Qihoo, I send a suspicious file within minutes your already detected by its Heuristic QVM … And sometimes I send some Ransomware, Criptos, Trojans for the CAMAS and the result is “Undetected” …

Well, if they left him more sensitive enough, maybe improve the detection rate of Comodo …

Someone with more knowledge could say if this is possible?

Thank you!

Hi Felipe,

Do you mean that “although other heuristic engines detect some new malwares, CAMAS is not able to do so. But if we checks more sensitively, then it is possible that CAMAS also detects the malwares”?

Yes. Because of 10 true malware I send only 2 are classified as “Suspicious” on average, the other 8 not. I thought CIMA/CAMAS could be improved to detect more …

I read your review now … Very good to know, I was expecting it.

What is the review about? Do you have link for us?

Sorry I wrote “review”, but it’s about this comment he had made in the other post. English is not my language, sorry.

No problem. I was just curious.