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Where is 8.2 download link on the forum?

its not available publically

OK, Thanxx for the info

what are the news on 8.2 so far? please write it as i cant open youtube on work right now.


The option “Enable file source tracking” will be a good option to disable or not. But…

The option “Enable auto sandbox”. If I disable it what will happen? The files will be prompted to be sandboxed or not? or sandbox will just ignore these files?

You will find the answer at the members of the star group, because they tested this release :slight_smile:

Some of the advantages and the change in the default settings Sandbox

Are they changing the autosandbox from Internet to Any again?

yes :slight_smile:

I believe those screenshots were taken from languys video, languy changed it from internet to any himself and explained it in the video, they haven’t changed the default as far as I know.

Edit: I just double-checked and they have NOT changed it from “Internet” to “Any”.

Btw Star Group members are under confidentiality and shouldn’t really share info, I believe this case wasn’t breaking that and if it did then I did it to stop misinformation… Just Sanyain

Ok, but… Can anyone, any mod, any dev, BuketB? can anybody talk about my question? Its not a leak of confidential information.

The question: The option “Enable auto sandbox”. If I disable it what will happen? The files will be prompted to be sandboxed or not? or sandbox will just ignore these files?

If they are not changing it then its good.
I personally like current setting.

By the way, whats the difference between previous safe mode (previously there use to be an option safe mode) & this Internet setting for autosandbox? i.e

Safe Mode
All the installed programs were treated as safe
New programs/installation, USB, Network were treated as Unknown.

Current Internet setting for autosandbox seems like safe mode.

Any differences?

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean? The CIS 8.2 Auto-Sandbox rules are generally (as far as I can see) the same as the current public v8 release.

The Auto-sandbox by default acts as if set in a clean pc mode. All trusted applications are allowed to run while all unknown programs are isolated by default. The only difference is that v8 now checks the located in which the file originated to make the decision on whether to isolate or not. When v8 was initially released Comodo didn’t quite cover all the entry points for files and you can see Youtube videos of CIS v8 failing to protect the PC. Now, Comodo has added more source detections for v8 and hopefully CIS protection in v8 will improve.

Yes, they are same & thats what I said, I like the current setting.

I think it was “Clean PC” & not “Safe Mode”
Any info about Clean PC Mode & Autosandbox with “Internet” setting in current version as mentioned in the previous post?
Any differences between 2 or they have implemented the same in a new way?

Not sure what you mean, Clean PC Mode is a HIPS setting and it hasn’t changed, in “Internet” config HIPS isn’t enabled by default - Auto-Sandbox is as far as I can tell the same as in previous (current public) version of CIS, but I don’t use Auto-Sandbox that much so there may be changes I’m not aware of.

I’m not sure what information I can share or not, I don’t like that uncertainty so I’ll probably be quiet now, I prefer playing it safe.

If I am right
In Clean PC mode, all the installed apps were allowed to run, not only trusted ones.
In current settings too, all the installed apps are allowed to run, not only trusted ones.

V8’s Clean pc mode it’s a little different in terms of how it works with the auto-sandbox. Basically, all applications on the pc before CIS installation will be treated as safe and won’t be isolated at all. They will be of course detected if Comodo has a signature for any files as malware. In v7 however, all the programs on the users pc were subject to be sandboxed even if they were installed before CIS (Safe mode). I think v7 was better in terms of full-proof security, however you can still get v7 like security by using the proactive security config :slight_smile:

Hope I remember correctly.
In previous versions
There was no HIPS & Autosandbox but D+, right?
And D+ had slider for modes i.e Safe/Clean, etc… modes.
And below the slider option, there were few options & one was to set autosandbox to partial/limited, etc…
Now if you set slider to “Clean PC” then all the installed apps were treated as safe.
And anything new introduced to the system was treated as Unknown.

This new “Internet” setting for autosandbox works the same way.
All the installed apps are treated as safe.
And anything new introduced to the system is treated as Unknown.

So what I have mentioned in my previous post about “Clean PC” mode in previous versions & “Internet” setting in autosandbox in current version is correct, right?