Comodo Agrees to pay $50,000 to

Its all about protecting the end user both from malware and misinformation. What is doing is spreading misinformation and disguising the fact that they get paid by Antivirus vendors. So public who reads their reports read it with the misunderstanding that these tests are independent (which we all now know that they are NOT!).

Its a shameful practice for $$!!! People who are employed by AV-Comparatives gets good salaries. They create a good living for themselves and hide behind “non for profit” marketing gimmick. Non for profit doesn’t mean that you don’t pay very good salaries…and they do! Its a shameful shameful way of making money by feeding misinformation to unsuspecting public! They don’t deserve public’s trust!


So, did comodo only get up to ~90% because these tests are not independent? Maybe with a setting that no “public default” user would ever use? I am not sure if i understand your source of accusing.

You are easy at hand with generalyzing your personal judgement, and recruiting the invisible majority for it.
Thats not how i expect someone to argument who really can claim to have the proof.

If this is the case, why should they manipulate the results then?

Maybe av-c should have just joined the certificate business. Good guys with high salaries… We would have to take their word then.

FYI: around 90% for PE was good according to Andreas …so we are quite happy with our detection tbh since its not even first line of defense.

The point is: They claim to be “independent” but they take money from AntiVirus vendors and they are not open about it…its all proven!

They claim to be Indepedent “proven”
They take money from AntiVirus vendors “proven”
They are not open about it “proven”

You are entitled to trust people who do the above…but public with any sense would take their results with a pinch of salt until they get audited, although Comodo got a good detection ratio!


Yes, if a result is good, its a good result. But if it was not-independent, it wouldnt be a “result”, but a fake. No matter what the name of the product was.

You forgot the words, take “equally money from each participating” antivirus vendor. And that they are “not open about it in places where YOU want that to be printed”.
If i calculate your 3 proves, the result is not “NON-independent” as a proved fact.

I dont trust people who i dont know.

Thanks for the insult :smiley:

I use to put salt with any post and result i read. For the taste :wink:

But Melih, why you can trust the results here in this case? Where you know that they are honest and reflect the real world? You have no proof for it! You have no proof that this results are real and the truth! Its only a question of trust again! I can make nearly the same video, but i will fake it! I will make Comodo only 10% detection and the others i will do 90%! But u will not see that i have fake, cause i do cut it so that it looks totally real! So what you would say then?

Why you want no proof here? Here it is so easily to trust for you.

I trust this Video and the producer too … but i still ask me why in this case you dont need proofs but with AVC you need a proof!

I rarely think that people would waste their time of faking a test. I would like to see you make a fake video.

No, i will not do it Valentin. … I mean only that we have no proof for it! We only do trust! :slight_smile:

the best way would be to look at many reviews(lets say 5-10) and make then your opinion about it. if it performances well in most of them and the results are similar than I doubt that those tests were faked and therefore trustworthy.

sure, right! you trust them or not… but you have no proofs! You decide by yourself! It is only your personaly opinion!

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I have no proof that they take money equally from each vendor. Do you have that proof?

this is how you spot a fake one

are they claiming to be “independent” while getting money from Antivirus vendors…if not then not fake :slight_smile:

its just an end user doing his tests…not a company who makes living on charging AV vendors :slight_smile:

we have not seen them to be hiding information or pretending to be indepedent etc etc…no reason to doubt them…

I know it is not entirely comparable. OK Melih, i am agree with :slight_smile: Thank you for explaining your view

why not ask other AV vendor.

they most likely can’t reveal due to agreements they sign with AV-comparatives.

This is the problem with, they are not transparent, they are not certified, they are not audited and noone has ever validated their test results :frowning:

Be fair and not fool. That was already clear and statet so many times - it’s at least written in methodology. So in real it is misinformation to claim they don’t tell it at all.

New facts ? Proofs please - what to they earn? What about there life. Please let us take part in you insights. Or are that just new poor imputations?

Did you not know this before you paid them to test Comodo…

Mind your manners please.

I’m assuming, coming from yourself, that this is meant to ironic? Clear? Let’s see.

I guess it might have been if Melih had claimed that. However what Melih said was this…

… and to put it bluntly, that doesn’t mean what you said it did. Does that topic of AV-C’s where they were not open about their funding (to be kind) need to be cited once again? Seriously?

I don’t pretend to be independent while getting money from AV vendors. AV-comparatives do! misleads people, they are not transparent until they do, they do not deserve public’s trust.