Comodo Agrees to pay $50,000 to



Nice one Melih. :-TU

We really want what is best for the end users and are putting our money where our mouth is.

We sincerely hope that AV-Comparatives will take up the offer for Comodo to bring a 3rd party to validate and audit them in the interest of end users. Its a win-win for everyone involved.


Ah, sorry… I thought that AV-Comparatives had accepted your offer. Well, here’s hoping that they do decide to accept it. It’s a very good offer.

I am very hopeful that they will, why wouldn’t they?

Go for it Melih! (:CLP)
Show the world who is wrong and who is right.

People can surely talk the talk, but only a couple do according their words.
And you, Mister, are really someone we can trust because your actions show you have NOTHING to hide.

My full respect to you.

Dear Melih,

We are already in the process of certification/accreditation

But we take your word, after we get the accreditation, we would please you to donate the money to a charity organization we will tell you. We think on SOS-Kinderdorf (they are helping homeless children all over the world). This year AV-C donated a lot of computers to them, they are very happy about support.

Your offer is appreciated. We hope, that you will remember.

Peter (AV-Comparatives)

This is great news Peter, thank you.

That means you guys are confident about allowing an “auditor” to audit you guys. Excellent. Can you please publicly announce when you want the Auditors to start, as mentioned, we will pay for them.



FYI: I have also emailed my offer to AV-Comparatives guys, this is how they responded:


It seems you are not well informed (either that, or just another marketing stunt from your side).

We are already in the process to get ISO 17025 accreditation ISO/IEC 17025:2005 - General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

Meanwhile you can have a look at tests of other ISO17025 certified labs like e.g. ICSA.


I am glad again that AV-Comparatives is trying to achieve what ICSA has achieved long time ago. Its about time. By the way, Comodo is ICSA certified!.

At the moment AV-Comparatives is NOT certified, why won’t you let Comodo get an auditor to audit your current tests?


Nice to see that we can all get along… :wink:

They admit that they are not certified and aspire to have certification like ICSA.
Comodo is ICSA is certified.
Comodo offers to pay “auditer” to audit their results (which are NOT certified at the moment).
Why wouldn’t they “validate” their current results if they are so confident?

This is nice.

Why won’t AV-Comparatives get their tests validated by a credible 3rd party, with this offer? Their current tests are NOT certified and they are choosing to not validate them. Why?

Thats what i read.

Shoving piles of money into more tests of tests is a “first world problem”. Is the testers-testing company better if it costs 50.000?
Why isnt av-c a good tester if it takes money for their tests too? In opposite, you say, its bad.
You say, credible. What makes it credible? If av-c would do bad, no antivirus company would agree another year.
If the tester-testers would do bad, the same would happen for them.

I dont see black and white here. And av-c seems to be in a certification/accreditation process. Like they said.

Huh? What Comodo is offering are auditors, not the testing of the tests. An audit is not a test, it is very real.

Because it’s an ISO accreditation! Assuming it’s like ISO 9001 (which it is), there is a slight oddity from the general public’s point-of-view… you get to scope the standard. So, interestingly there is no “standard” ISO 17025. That scope does need to be published though.

However, that aside… just because you have an ISO accreditation that doesn’t mean that you don’t need an audit any more. Actually the complete opposite is true. Once you have ISO accreditation, you then need regular audits to ensure that you’re adhering to your scoped ISO standard! The accreditation on its own would be fairly meaningless.

It was in general about what money is “proving” in those contexts. I put that in question. And in relation to real problems.

I dont see things that would justify a “throwing” and tracing.
To make the most out of the least.

I’m sorry, I don’t follow what you mean here.

(It was in general about what money is “proving” in those contexts. I put that in question. And in relation to real problems.) Just the amount was related to comodos statement, but it could have been any other.

This suggestive “why?” is one example of what i meant with tracing (inserting the suspicion of “something to hide?”). And with throwing i mean, argumentations which have one goal: simply to have the last word.
Conflicts are not solved by having a winner!

Fly or elephant? :slight_smile:

Assuming money = an Audit (ie. Comodo’s offer), then this could validate AV-C’s testing, processes, documentation, independence, etc… depending on the scope of that Audit. So, much like a validated ISO accreditation, it would give others confidence that what AV-C says about how they operate and behave is a documented fact. In short, it would prove AV-C’s assertions (which is currently all they are).

The “why”. As in, why would AV-C not accept the offer of a free audit? As I previously indicated, an ISO accreditation needs an audit anyway, otherwise it is of fairly limited value… except, possibly, for short-term marketing purposes. Whereas an external audit could be of great value to anybody in throws of ISO compliance work. So, why wouldn’t they accept it? I could speculate, but I see little positive value in that currently. It is clear from their responses to-date that AV-C view this offer with a great deal of suspicion and believe that it is some sort of marketing stunt by Comodo. I believe the ill-conceived $50k donation to charity ploy is a clear indication of this and how they currently feel about Comodo.

You lost me again… thankfully. ;D

In some countries people avoid to take money offers from strangers in business.
For me, the reply about the donation was something that i would expect as an answer in that case.

I wish all those who get tested, that their product is good :slight_smile: