Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.2.392126.236B is Released!!!

I have problems with the new Valkyrie modules:

After the update Comodo detect ALL Files as “Unknow”.
I can’t work on my PC, if the Sandbox is on.

Same problem

How long does Valkyrie on average take to process a file? I’ve made a full scan 6 hours ago, it found 198 unknown files that need analysis and none got a verdict from Valkyrie in 6 hours.

I have the same problem from a week ago aprox, my apps need more time to start.

If i turn off antivirus/sandbox it works ok.

When sending in Valkyrie, writes “Cloud server is unavailable”

Strange, Comodo should block/sandbox only 0.00016% of legitimate applications >:-D :a0

Just joking, the feature is new, so I guess we could expect some issues… I just hope they will be fixed soon :-TU

I think the problem is on antivirus module, not on sandbox module, i turn off antivirus module and it works ok.

I notice delays on some apps like libreoffice too.

Hi Guys,

As Valkyrie is new feature, the server side is doing optimization,there may be a change in these days,you can have a try later,we offer our apologies to you for the inconvenience has caused you.Thank you for your support!

Ok, thank you very much. :slight_smile:

12 hours have passed and not a single file received a verdict. Uuuum? ???

by the month end real big servers will go live for Valkyrie…
we had to launch Cloud av ahead of the time…
bear with us…the amazing valkyrie is will be live fully as a service around month end.

So, till then, it’s not doing ANY analysis?

will be on/off…

just wait though…it will take time until we tune the load vs performance etc etc…it will be one amazing capability…

We already provide this capability to Enterprise customers and here is a good write up about it

+1 :-TU

Please, anybody?

More unhappy users…

You should have made Valkyrie 100% functional first and then release CCAV.

Standard Operating Procedure - Release 6 months before perfected.

Just think what it would be like if auto manufacturers released their cars before the engines were installed. The only caveat is that the cars aren’t free.

100% agree

+1 :-TU

Hi BlueTesta,
I just send a mail to you about this issue, please check your mailbox, thanks!