Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.10.413855.478 - HotFix Released

Upload the file to Virus Total and see what hash it reports.

Or use HashTab. It will add a tab in the Properties screen of a file in Explorer from which you can read and copy the hash of the file.

bc539cce009a95bfdfa7c064f9d3c0db5d9e98e2ad2ae61adb573c8f238ae0e5 and

Thanks to EricJH

Is it suggested or recommended to run CCA and CIS together or is CIS the better of the two for all round protection?

When can I expect a new beta version?

This week.

Thank you,umesh!

I’m waiting for a lot of new things (local AV and a simplified firewall)

Open a representative office in Russia. That would be wonderful! :-TU


I'm waiting for a lot of new things (local AV and a simplified firewall)
That's not going to be in it.

I quote myself :slight_smile:

No problem

They wrote that in the end these functions will be in CCAV

That will make CIS with dark interface. Don’t make it.

Agreed… It is going to be the same senario of Chromodo and Dragon :-X

Waiting for a new beta version)))

Working on it :slight_smile:

Very Good :-TU

It’s out:

Please give a try.

Hey, any plans to release a german version? I have no problems with englisch but i cannot install it on friends or family pcs because not everyone can englisch well and they dont understand than whats happens or how they can change the settings.

Hi NWOAbschaum,
Let me get back to you on this.


Hi NWOAbschaum,
We are getting translation done for CCAV for German, however we just have one volunteer.
A member of Comodo team will reach out to you to see if you can support those efforts.


Hey, i can help with the german translation. :slight_smile: would be a plesure to do so. :slight_smile:

Hi All,
CCAV v505 released:

@NWOAbschaum : German language supported in there now. Please review and help us further.