Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.10.413855.478 - HotFix Released

Hi All,
We have released v1.10.413855.478 hot-fix, only change in this on top of last v476 release is following:


  • Incompatibility with upcoming Windows 10 Redstone 2 Update

You could see all kind of GUI issues in Windows system. So all Windows 10 instances of CCAV must update prior to updating to Redstone - 2 update.

Setup URL:
SHA-1: 99248770af4f20e6eade03141d4aef1ee365343e

Updates have also been released to all existing users.

We will be making next CCAV release with bunch of features in ~2 weeks. Stay tuned.

Thank you all for your help making this product better.


Thank you, umesh :-TU

Great job umesh :slight_smile:

;D :smiley:

Many thanks :-TU

Thanks :-TU waiting for that new features 88) :slight_smile:

How many unknown files do you have on your computer now?

I have no unknowns on my system for a long time :-TU

Congrats with the news release. Looking forward to see the mentioned new and improved version.

You see, this is the paradigm shift we bring to computing…no more unknowns…therefore no more malware!!!


Melih, marry me… lets have lots of children called comodos and couldavs…

waiting for the incoming new features (what would they be like??? o.O )… keep up the GREAT work on ccav (as with cis too)…


I bet this madman (in a good way) is Brazilian. Haha

I installed CCAV today after a long time. No unknown files on my computer. :-TU
Quick scan lasted 5 minutes. :-TU
Waiting anxiously for the new features.

Thank you umesh, Buket, Melih and team!

No unknown=no malware The Known State!

with other AV products…you never know for sure…

With Comodo, you know for sure!

indeed i am!!! HUEBR!! :stuck_out_tongue:

guys, i have to admit that im not running ccav anymore. im in win 10 creators update and i decided to stay with win def default security from microshift… ill wait for a couple of more ccav releases to try it on main machine…

anyway, i see lots of comments on some other foruns and blogs that people say ccav is indeed doing great!!! happy to see these feedbacks from people who dont participater on this forum.

due to the disaster comodo is making on every new release of cis, i have switched from cfw to ccav (plus tinywall).
so far so good, the only downside is a noticeable lower boot time, but nothing too bad.
and i really like the old sandbox popup (cfw has popups in windows notification)

Hi Jon79,

the only downside is a noticeable lower boot time
You meant higher load time? and is that due to CCAV or TinyFirewall?


yes, my pc takes longer time to boot.
I think it’s due to ccav memory check on start-up (comodo firewall doesn’t perform any start-up check, for what I know)

and compare to CIS?

it’s quite a while since i quit cis to cfw, but i remember the boot time was longer with cis than with cfw.
the good point is that ccav is as light as cfw (and lighter than cis) in the daily use (browse, open folder and programs and so on)