COMODO Internet Security 6.0?

Will the 6.0 version of CIS be out next year? :THNK

  1. Screen Shot: Advanced users only - Adding a registry key for automatic virtualization of unknown files.

  2. Screen Shot: CIS 6 UI & A manually sandboxed browser.

  3. Screen Shot: A few more from Melih (CEO.)

  4. Screen Shot: A few from Egemen (Director/Lead CIS Developer).

Next year? I hope this year. Are you still living in 2011 ??? ;D

2012 in the second period 88)

Just wondering, do you mean sometime between July & December of 2012?

I don’t mind if CIS 6 will come as beta in summar and be released in 2013 as long as it’s solid. Solid products need time

whats wrong with the current version? I think it is stable enough to call it SOLID.Since version 4.5(if my memory is correct) my laptop had zero infections and i neither had to format my system cause of virus/malware infections nor had to pay av vendors to keep my system clean

I want:

  1. Fully virtualized automatic sandbox
  2. Option to turn off TVL

cause there will always exist whitelisted malware that can infect your PC.

Yeah, CIS 6 must have an absolutely new sandbox, I hope devs will make efforts to improve it and even to outperform the great Sandboxie.

How Fully virtualized auto sandbox will help you prevent whitelisted malware, if CIS only sandbox UNKNOWN files?
Whitelisted malware is not “unknown”, but trusted, so it will not run in the sandbox.

What do you mean by “whitelisted malware”?


  1. disable TVL
  2. disable cloud uploading/scanning
  3. Choose “Sandbox” when installer is detected

Thanks,I’ve been away and wasn’t aware of this.

For me,there’s a valid argument that anything that can be sandboxed,should be by default.

If sandbox would work 100% without any program having problem running in it, that would be the best (to run every program in sandbox).

But thats not the case, and you would have lots of problem running ALL programs (including installers).

That’s why you can do next for your known and safe programms:

  1. press Allow on installer pop-up and run it out of sandbox
  2. manually put executable file to Trusted Files

Then you are talking about manual decisions and selections (more pop-ups?), reducing the meaning of AUTO sandbox.

Nothing is perfect. :wink:
And you can’t always please everyone… :-X

Apparently there is no way to defend against the whitelisted malware! ???

Right you are my friend.

But dont worry… its WAAAY MUCH easier to get infected by “unknown” malware, than whitelisted malware.
Thats why CIS is superior (not perfect, but superior) than any others.