COMODO Internet Security 6.0?

Once the user can remove the TVL there will be a way to defends against them.

Yeah, But this led to pop-up for all files/applications and user will be confuse. Although remove the TVL, now is the only way…

A simple checkbox in advanced settings; “Use TVL” (default enabled) is a good solution imo.

I think its a matter of balance:

Would you prefer to answer lots of popups (remove TVL)?
Or consider: Will I really get infected by a whitelisted malware (not remove TVL)?

Choice is yours.

Not all whitelisted malware is digitally signed.
Therefore, not using TVL is only partial solution.

this could be a solution :-TU

Idea To Prevent Trusted Malware From Remaining In Trusted Vendors List

any news about CIS 6?

im waiting for it for a long time…

should be out at the end of april, according to egemen

First public beta, or a final version?


It’s not Avast, which releases new version of cakes bakes. ;D

I am kind of happy CIS 6 is taking time if it’s anything like avast! :
Please Mr Egemen do not give us a tangerine coloured GUI for goodness sake ;D

I hope CIS premium’s interface gets better :slight_smile:

We all do :smiley: If you have suggestion how to improve feel free to tell comodo

I hope the manual sandbox becomes more user friendly ie printing reading pdf’s in a sandboxed browser.

Atleast One Screen plz…

i dont think we will see any screenshots until the mods get an alpha which probably wont be released until next month.

You mean beta… :wink:
Alpha is already there… :slight_smile:

no i mean alpha. the mods always get a closed alpha release before the public beta

what do you mean “alpha is already there”?