Languy's review of CIS 6

Nice improvements in some areas, but I wanted to see fully virtualized auto-sandbox.

Me too.

Now, it would be nice to hear something from egemen…

Yep, btw he’s still dreaming atm

When we were requesting “local behavior blocker” we had not thought about renaming “execution control” to “behavior blocker”… ;D

The most expected feature - fully virtualized auto-sandbox is not there. It would greatly increase usability and security. Why not?

Valkyrie is not there as well.

A little bit disappointed. Overall is great and a huge step for Comodo forwards.

About Valkyrie :

I guess we’ll have to wait for a more mature release…like 6.1?

This i would be very interested in :slight_smile:

As reviewed by Languy99, the pre-beta is remarkable for the things that don’t work and for what it doesn’t contain. Is it good to semi-publically reveal these aspects in this way?

Is the use of the OSK in virtual kiosk optional or compulsory?
When Languy99 opened IE sandboxed there was no indication onscreen (or even inside CIS) that it was running virtualized. Will the release be like that?
Does the file submission really not work or does it just look like it doesn’t work?
Is it just me or does the new interface look like IOBit?

Hey languy99 do you plan to test it vs live malware and malware pack ?

Just watched this video again :slight_smile:
As other poster has indicated maybe product was not ripe enough to release a video.
Hopefully there will be a follow up when all the non functioning options are working.

Thanks for your time and commitment though Julian to release these youtube reviews :-TU


Though its very good but the most important stuffs are missing.

Hope the first public beta would have few important missing stuffs & final would cover all.


Seems a great product, but:

  1. No full virtualization in autosandbox (perhaps the most awaited feature);
  2. Hips disabled by default (??);
  3. Virtual Kiosk seems interesting, but why should I downolad Dragon & Silverlight?? Dragon is ok, but I like Firefox…

Also…I didin’t understand very well what the shared zone is… 88)

Thanks Lan god bless you :smiley:

  1. Product is in beta. Mods and languy both said features maybe added or modified. It might be virtualized but not enabled yet.
  2. Also another change that might be enabled.
  3. I think that it needs those two programs to work. I’m not sure why they have you install silverlight. It might be needed to operate, similar to some software needing .net framework. Once you are in the kiosk, languy mentioned in the video that you can use whatever you want. I don’t think its limited to dragon.
    The share zone is where programs that you downloaded, while in the virtual kiosk, go if you want them placed on your own system. Remember once you turn off the virtual kiosk everything that was change, downloaded or installed will disappear. The shared zone is if you want to save files you downloaded.

??? Hi guys. Does anyone know for sure whether you can use any browser you want other than dragon when using the kiosk…I hope so as Wonderlust said he likes firefox and so do i.

By default, it seems that Virtual Kiosk is loaded with all the browsers I have installed.

… and FF does work.

Thanks for the review.

I posted the following question twice in the other thread but its moving so fast I think its being over looked.

Has the self protection been fixed in v6?

In v5 you can kill CIS processes in task manager if HIPS is disabled.

CIS 6 will prevent anything unknown trying to terminate any of its processes (with Defense+ enabled or disabled apparently). However, if you (the user) want to kill any of CIS’s processes, with something like the Windows Task Manager, then it will let you do that. It’s your system and you might actually need to do that at some point (especially if you play with multiple security apps). In that respect (user terminations) CIS 6 is no different to the previous versions.

Thank you