Languy's review of CIS 6

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AV alert still shows the whole path and we can not see the name of the file?

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kiosk looks awesome,
it all looks awesome


I like the current tray icon better. not the square.

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The Active Connections of firewall disappeared. Why??

I like the current tray icon better. not the square.


I don’t like the new icon either. Too fiddly. Should be simple as it is in v5.10. Plus, i think the interface went few steps backwards. Being smaller with bigger buttons it just feels crammed and all. And popups are again filled with too much graphics, lines and edges. Popups should be simple colored popups that clearly tell users whats going on. There shouldn’t bee too many distracting elements on them. v5.10 was much better in this regard. We’ll see when i get hands on the actual app but based on teh video, not exactly impressed (despite seeing the screenshots before).

So, is fully virtualized sandbox going to be implemented in CIS 6 final or in later versions?

There is no need to restart PC after installation?

Do you mean the Kiosk? It’s already in there.

Edit: Didn’t see your edit until I’d posted my reply.

You need to restart your PC.

Not Kiosk.
When unknown executable is auto-sandboxed, is it fully virtualized?
Or it still leaves traces like registry keys and dropped files?

No, the automatic sandbox is not fully virtualized.

Well, what’s the difference between 5.10 and 6.0 regarding auto-sandbox?
Is it planned for 6.1?