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So after all the hype I thought I would give CIS a try again. Tried it before (various versions) and did not really care for it. Please mods DO NOT come in here and shot down my post. 95% of antivirus programs contain a web shield such as Avast. Why hasn’t Comodo done the same? Yes you believe in prevention rather then detection. But isn’t stopping malware right when you click on a link considered “prevention”. I like being alerted right away rather then after a download has finished or an exe has been executed. May I have some feedback on this? Thanks.

BTW…Great FREE product. I do not believe in paying for any software when there are great free versions of everything you need.

Hi and welcome Maverick326,
Comodos belief is the extra shields are not required and just use up unnecessary system resources.
If malware so much as breaths on the system, CIS will reacte. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Good simple answer. Thanks. What about using ComodoDNS over OpenDNS? I currently am using OpenDNS.

I suggest you to try K9 Web Protection… :wink:
ComodoDNS has very low detection rate of malware sites…
I don’t know if and when they are going to improve SiteInspector->SecureDNS feeding.

K-9 is annoying and rather a PITA. I see K-9 has a good child filter but necessary for an adult. K-9 actually specializes in parental control. Its the main focus on there web site.

You have to disable all categories that are enabled by default.
Go to Settings and leave only Malware/Suspicious checked.
IMHO, their detection rate is by far the best among standalone web filters…

Web filters and web shields are two different things. I web shield usually is mainly for malware blocking. A web filter mainly a parental control to block things like porn, drugs and gambling sites.

it is good to have a web shield like avast or other antivirus. because comodo dns is not powerful.

+1 to that. ;D

Actually, with CIS I am not really worried about malware. If configured as I suggest here, no malware can harm my system anyway. Thus, my main concern is with phishing pages. Thus, my recommendation would be to either use K9, BitDefender TrafficLight, or OpenDNS.

Comodo don’t believe in the web-shield protection since it’s a waste of resources and it might slow down your browsing. Also with Avast web-shield you still have to ping the malware site in order to stop the malware coming into the system if I remember correctly.

CIS will protect you without any shields as it’s your OS what matters the most. Some will say that the Comodo can’t stop the exploits inside the browser due to not having any ‘online shield’ that might be so but the exploit will have to become a malware file and that’s where the Comodo will neutralize it.

So you still protected plus it won’t use the extra PC resources and slow down your browsing.

I used to believe in the web-shields myself until I learned better just like with everything in life.

Added Bitdefender Trafficlight to Chrome. Why add another running process. Was looking at WOT but find it kind childish. ;D

Overall, my advice for hardening your browser can be found here.

I am well aware of how to harden my browser. No need to link to your articles. Thanks anyways.

I have the following add ons for Chrome:

  1. ABP (Easylist & Easy Privacy)
  2. LastPass
  3. Bitdefender Trafficlight
  4. DoNotTrackMe

Bitdefender Trafficlight is full of FP. They seriously need to improve it. Just because it’s from the Bitdefender… It don’t make it any good.

WOT is much better and it is also using OpenDNS phishing protection. So you can run the NortonDNS for the online malware protection while still be protected against phishing with WOT.

OpensDNS - Great at phishing protection. That’s it.
NortonDNS - Great at malware protection/not so much at phishing.
ComodoDNS - Need a lot of work to match any of the above.

I used Bitdefender Antivirus for awhile and never a false positive. Wish WOT had phishing protection. Bitdefender is actually top notch when it comes to phishing.

They can claim what they want but the Bitdefender Trafficlight is not the same as Bitdefender AV. WOT has phishing protection! It is using OpenDNS phishtank! That might be so… But not in the Bitdefender Trafficlight…

Wow thanks. I did not know this. Removed Trafficlight and added WOT. ;D

Well, I’m using both on CD and I’m quite happy with it :slight_smile:
Recently, after reading a post here on the forum, I’ve installed HitmanPro.Alert 2.0, but so far I haven’t received any alert from it

I also have HMP Alert and you SHOULDN’T be receiving any alerts from it. Unless your browser has been compromised. 88)