Disinfection technology

Hi there,
Comodo now has quite a few cleaning tools,cleaning essentials,rescue disk etc.But most cases in which advanced cleaning tools are required;a lot of system files are infected.The lack of disinfection technology severely affects the usability of Comodo rescue disk.It would be great if Comodo would implement disinfection technology in cce,crd and even CIS.This would really improve comodo,s removal capability.
Just an advice.
Cheers. :slight_smile:

Disinfection technology is added to CAV/CCE (particularly “Sality Infection”).

For other infections also disinfection is being added.

But, SALITY disinfection in CCE had some serious bugs which are not yet solved (only proposed to be solved in next version).


Wait for version 6, schedule for release in October, where CCE cleaning capabilities will be available for advanced users:

Can the current version of cce clean virut and sality infections? :slight_smile:

It tries to clean but restarts indefinitely, do not try with multiple samples.