COMODO Internet Security 6.0.252829.2560 BETA Released!

I’d also like to know that, hopefully soon

Many thanks!!!

What happens to the app when we enable full virtualisation and unknown app gets sandboxed, does it go to Kiosk?

Is there a removal tool we can use to make sure v5 is completely gone?

How to change the network from Home to Public or vice versa?

Change configuration.

Yes but,

When does it go final. :-TU
That would depend a lot on how many issues get found.

The more I play with CIS 6 Beta the more I love it! I really don’t know how you do it for free, this software is definitely going to cause some big waves in the security world. Once again great job and thank you!

We like it!Well at least I do.I just completed doing some testing and it will be on youtube.I have a couple of suggestions…but its good…fast,simple,strong.I will be posting the link soon.

This unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products works well, please run it before installing V6 Beta not after.
Note: V6 is not listed, but it would still cripple the install at the very least.

So far extremly pleased, only issues i have so far is:
1: Virtual Kiosk froze when I tried to open 2 random desktop folders
2: That geekbudy ad does not go away following a system restart or CIS restart even after clicking that checkbox.

Other than that, this is awesome, congrats everyone!

Please report as bugs

Many thanks


Downloading to test drive now ;D

Please report as bug in bugs topic, using requested format, if you have not already

Many thanks


Thank you for the response. :-TU

When it does go final will it offer to update within 5.10 itself?
I think i would sooner wait for the final version rather than install a beta.
Hopefully the feedback will be very positive.
Great work comodo. :-TU :-TU

(:CLP) Hands on

thanks to all ,the staff,mods and anyone who pushed a litle bit on the forum here for it. ;D


By default Comodo secure DNS is enabled. This is a DNS blacklisting service (not a whitelisting service)

How did you start that application?

I’ve installed on my very old system (An 11 years laptop, AMD atlhon XP with 512 Mb memory shared with graphics) and so far so god.
Took about 7-8 minutes to do that initial scan on a freshly installed windows XP pro.
The graphics could be cleaner, more like metro style.