No Comodo Alert Popups In Win 8 Metro

Hi All… I am running Comodo Firewall 5.12.256249.2599. Below is basically a copy n paste of a support ticket I opened a few days ago. Please forgive if this had been covered elsewhere, as I did take some time to look.

I don’t seem to be getting any warning pop ups from Comodo in the “Metro” interface. To “prove it” I launched the same program which gave me the alert in the desktop mode while I was in the Metro mode… I got no warning popup. I went in the desktop mode, and there was the pop up. I am a loyal Comodo firewall user and hope this is an easy fix, or perhaps I am missing something. (something I am good at !!!)

Tonight I opened an reply from support and was told:

We apologize to inform you that Comodo Alert Pop-up will be displayed only in desktop mode. We will consider your feedback and forward to the development team.

WOW… Hard to believe what I just read. Is this for real? I’m not sure I can consider using Comodo going forward if this is really true. Since I did not find other posts about this I have to assume this issue is not a big deal for you???

here is a reply from egemen the head developer of CIS about popups in the metro UI

Avast had a blog post about this a while ago, basically Microsoft have made it very hard to do and are actively discouraging developers from doing so.

Wow… This totally blows my mind !!! I’m not sure what to think ! Is anybody else running Win8 in Metro ? What are they doing ? Or is everyone running in Desktop Mode ??? What choices do I have. Run Win8 in Desktop, Go back to Win 7 ??

BTW, Thank you both for your replies !!

If you’re running everything in Modern UI, listen very carefully for the sounds your security application is making ;D

On my W8 box I have the audio alerts turned on and I have set the onscreen alert to time out at 999 seconds (the max) for all 3 modules AV, FW and HIPS
Don’t forget CIS is deny default so even if you miss an alert nothing can connect, run etc until your say so :slight_smile:

Nice to know… I’ll make the adjustments… Thank You…
But now my ■■■■ head is spinning… I’ll start another thread…
Great And Helpful People Here… Thanks !!!