cis 6 release speculation

Sure, a lot of universes:
universe of CIS 6.0 released today,
universe of CIS 6.1 released today,

universe of CIS 7.0 released today,

Our universe is above other universes:
universe of CIS 5.10 released today,
universe of CIS 5.9 released today - though this one we didn’t have

LOLOLOL… that’s very well done… it makes me want to play Splinter Cell again… :smiley:

You don’t have to… :wink:

We are happy to tell you that the vehicle containing the beta versions (manufactured in China) has been saved from destruction. the vehicle is quite slow so you must wait a bit before it reaches western countries :smiley:

Beep, beep, Fedex delivery of CIS 6 BETA right to your doorstep!

All I want for Christmas is CIS 6 :wink:

I don’t see it taking more than 3 - 4 weeks before we have our first public beta.

hello, is there any possibility that CIS 6 will still be final release at the end of October 2012, ? thank you :BNC

Who knows ! Let’s wait now 1 month for me is nothing …

I find a month for going from public beta to final short. Don’t get your hopes up high for a release end of October I would say.

To Eric & all testers:

I assume that you are now awaiting yet another mod preview build ?
Was version 5 not satisfactory ???
How are things progressing ???

There was version 5 already ;D

Correct me if I’m wrong Comodo will be 4 years on the 26th of October. So CIS 6 BETA should be out on this date… Sorry Comodo if I spoiled a surprise.

edited my post to reflect build numbers :wink:

You’re wrong, I’ve been a member at these forums since July 2006. So, it must be longer than 4 years.

Maybe he meant CIS… :wink:

So, how do you like 5th Edition of pre-beta, Kail?

Not sure, but CIS (then called CPF) was around back in 2006 anyway.

I like it, thanks. But, wrong topic for this I believe. :slight_smile:


Comodo Internet Security will be 4 years old on 23rd October! My memory is getting worse these days. Old man now.

I think you’re possibly forgetting that CIS was originally called CPF (Comodo Personal Firewall) and then CFP (Comodo Firewall Pro) before it was renamed to CIS… the previously used version numbers are consistent with this.

Kail, so you say that CIS = CPF?
CIS includes AV, so it cannot be the same :slight_smile:

What’s CIS’s main GUI executable filename you having running on your system there?