cis 6 release speculation

For all those who want to speculate and ask about when cis 6 will be released, please ask and speculate here so that questions about cis 6 other than the release date can be asked in the “Comodo internet security 6?” thread without being buried with discussion of a release date.

I speculate:

Rls date BETA: Oct 14-19 >:-D

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so it’s gonna realiz in 08/07/2040
let’s imagine

September 28th ;D

there is no v6 beta version, it is an huge late April fool :smiley:

what is cis 6??

There is no Public released V6 beta version yet, but it will happen.

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i guess is really near!!!

;D ;D ;D ;D

lol photoshop :smiley:

i hope it will realized and people more patient

good luck capitain

Nice to know that Comodo will not jump from closed beta straight to the final version.

They says there’s surprise
May be they realize Final version directly
at all be a friend with a moderator he will give you the version 6
and after that send me it PM
im your friend :stuck_out_tongue:

No. Still about 1-2 months I think…

i speak about beta version…

To accurately judge a release time is impossible.
Time frame for working out issues is never known until they are solved. :wink:


but the beta version for public…it will be launched?

Hi giulio,
A Public Beta will be released (Sometime), unless something has happened or changed that I don’t know about.


It will be launched yes.
When ready.
(You can quote me on that release speculation).