cis 6 release speculation

Niiiiiiiiice !

Funny photos :smiley:

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Lol :-TU

Maybe this friday?..


It’s already here, just in a parallel universe >:-D

There might even be a CIS 7 already. :smiley:

Fisher: Grim, I am on top of the Comodo HQ. What do I do now?
Grim: Ok Sam, what do you see?
Fisher: Just a bunch of windows and down there, bunch of glowing ants.
Grim: Those are cars, Sam. You should check your vision.
Fisher: I am NOT that old, Grim.
Grim: Ol’ enough to present you as my dad.
Fisher: Lambert, say something!
Lambert: All right you two, cut it. We are here to do the job. Now Sam, when I said
that this won’t be easy…
Fisher: You weren’t kidding.
Lambert: Exactly.
Fisher: And here I am, thinking I am going nuts, riding buildings in the middle of Jersey.
What do you have for me?
Lambert: What we are after is some kind of top secret technology called CIS 6. Apparently it is a breakthrough in information technology security and we need to obtain it.
Fisher: Where is it?
Grim: We have no idea. That’s where you come in.
Fisher: How
Grim: Once you’re passed infra-red cameras, motion detection sensors and pressure-platted floors, you need to bypass iris-coded doors and electro-magnetic vault. That’s where we believe is the Golden Disc.
Fisher: The Golden Disc?
Lambert: Apparently that’s where they keep it.
FISHER: ■■■■.
Lambert: Fisher, what happened?
Fisher: Stepped on some cable and alarm went off, gotta jet, see you at the HQ!
Lambert: ■■■■ it, Fisher!

Sure, a lot of universes:
universe of CIS 6.0 released today,
universe of CIS 6.1 released today,

universe of CIS 7.0 released today,

Our universe is above other universes:
universe of CIS 5.10 released today,
universe of CIS 5.9 released today - though this one we didn’t have

LOLOLOL… that’s very well done… it makes me want to play Splinter Cell again… :smiley:

You don’t have to… :wink:

We are happy to tell you that the vehicle containing the beta versions (manufactured in China) has been saved from destruction. the vehicle is quite slow so you must wait a bit before it reaches western countries :smiley:

Beep, beep, Fedex delivery of CIS 6 BETA right to your doorstep!

All I want for Christmas is CIS 6 :wink:

I don’t see it taking more than 3 - 4 weeks before we have our first public beta.

hello, is there any possibility that CIS 6 will still be final release at the end of October 2012, ? thank you :BNC

Who knows ! Let’s wait now 1 month for me is nothing …

I find a month for going from public beta to final short. Don’t get your hopes up high for a release end of October I would say.

To Eric & all testers:

I assume that you are now awaiting yet another mod preview build ?
Was version 5 not satisfactory ???
How are things progressing ???

There was version 5 already ;D

Correct me if I’m wrong Comodo will be 4 years on the 26th of October. So CIS 6 BETA should be out on this date… Sorry Comodo if I spoiled a surprise.