Windows 8 - Notification while in Metro.


I’ve been using the CIS beta for Windows 8 for a while now, first 5.8 and now 5.12. And I’ve noticed that there is one thing I lack while I’m in metro. The thing I lack is being notified by CIS, it doesn’t show up at all in metro, I have to go back to Desktop mode to see any notifications.

So how to fix this? I don’t know to actually fix it but I’ve noticed some Windows applications gives you a notice while in metro saying something about an application needing your action on the desktop or something. This could be worth looking into since it would be nice to know when something happens.

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Sanya IV Litvyak

Egemen has already stated that this is not possible

Well I think there is a difference in displaying a notification in an App and displaying an ‘alert’ in an App.

Can you give an example of software that notifies the App when the desktop application needs attention.

I’ve only gotten it a few times, I can’t remember exactly when but I think one was when I put in a thumbdrive and I got the menu asking me what to chose, but since I was in metro at the time it displayed a notification top-right that something on the desktop needed my attention. This was in Consumer Preview though and I haven’t gotten it in Release Preview, that I know of I mean.

It might be a feature specific for the Windows Operating system, but that would make no sense to me, why deny developers such a feature? anyway, another way to fix it is to allow the user to enable sound notification with custom sounds since sounds played in the desktop will also play while in Metro, at least media players in Desktop works while in Metro.

It is my main problem with win 8, besides other annoyances. When you are thrown in TIFKAM (the interface previously known as metro) for whatever reason, be it to run a TIFKAM application, modify some settings which are in TIFKAM or simply search for something, you are completely cut from your desktop and unaware of what could be happening there. Hence when you are in TIFKAM, your security software, which is in desktop, could try to alert you like a madman with his head, his hands or his feet you’ll be completely oblivious of the fact and unable to interact. Of course CIS wil by default deny, sandbox or quarantine, but maybe it wasn’t what you would have done if you had the opportunity to answer the popups trapped in desktop.

To my knowledge, the only notifications that the user can receive in TIFKAM are from MS servers on a push scenario.

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Now that Eset AV/IS supports Windows 8 notifications, it’s time for this to be done for Comodo products too. Windows 8 has become more widespread and metro UI gets better at every update (8.1, 8.1 update 1 that will be released soon) so users need to be able to work on their PC in this new way.
Is anything planned for this? I currently don’t use CIS mostly for this reason, as I use some metro apps a lot (Music, Skype, Weather, reader etc).

Do you have a screenshot of the Eset Windows 8 notification?

It’s not from my PC, as I don’t have Eset installed at this time, but you can see one here:

I wonder, are those actual Windows 8 Modern UI notifications or just notifications that are designed to look like them? Just wondering.

Edit: Perhaps you could give the Wilders link to the discussion? Thanks :slight_smile:

Here you are!

Also, I installed Eset nod32 v.7 and I can say for sure these are native windows 8 notifications that appear over every metro app.
It’s not a problem from the competition’s aspect, as only ESET support this, as I 've seen till now, but it’s gonna be necessary soon.