Can anyone explain?

I downloaded Kaspersky TDSS Killer Zip file from Kaspersky site.

Extracted it & Ran & there was a temp entry mentioning 7zip & tdsskiller.exe in Trusted Files.

I removed the entry, deleted zip & extracted file, ran disk cleanup & cleaned everything & restarted the system.

Again downloaded TDSS Killer, extracted & ran but this time no entry in Trusted Files? Tried few times with the same results.

Can anyone explain why?

CIS 5.10 Suite with Default settings.
Win 7 64

Hi Naren ;D

Im not a technican or a Comodo systems expert.
But wats a now is ;
deleting any programs or files & the registry dosnt means you wiped the program or file from youPC.
The are sooooo many roots left in the system and even you wipe them as well ,the disc will remmeber for ever wats you once wrote on-means downloaded. The laser is writing data over the disc & the only metod to hide the data is overwriting them,waths manny systems are doing.Even a mechanical damaged disk can be today read as a open book by expert technican.

Comodo question ? I think once Comodo recognised & checked a file or program ,that infos are hold in Comodo -brain ;D- and new report will not be displayed.
But as well as you , would like to read a expert explanation from a Comodo experts (:CLP)

It could be a temporary glitch of the Comodo cloud? When you run TDSSkiller what does View Active Process List say about it?

I encouraged you to start a separate topic instead of guerilla cross posting:

Your problem can not be compared at first sight with the other topics you raided. So, you did not round up similar cases as instructed. Nor did you inquire further like check f.e if there was a cloud hiccup.

I am not too impressed with this topic. Naren, you have been around long enough to know what the standards are…

The guerilla thing you mentioned to me in other thread I understand that.

But in this topic why you are mentioning the guerilla thing here I dont understand?

That topic was AV detection there you were right.

But this topic is altogether different. Its not about kaspersky tdss killer if you thought so, its about CIS functions.

About the prob here.

It was not a cloud glitch as there was nothing in D+ events anytime i.e previously & later when I tested.

Today too I did everything again & the same results, nothing in trusted lists.

Did you tested it?

I used latest Dragon for downloading tdss.

OK, I tested other malware removal tools from Kaspersky, capperkiller & xoristdecryptor, the same way mentioned in my first post. This was fine i.e both had entries in trusted lists everytime I tested.

Only no entry of tdsskiller.

May be tdsskiller is now part of the internal whitelists of Comodo, the apps in internal whitelists doesn’t show up in the trusted lists.

Any other reason I dont know.