CIS Localizations (incl. CCE/KS/Autoruns)

Hi All

It’s time to create a separate thread about the Translations by now.
I have received an email from Alexander Suvak asking me to update the Dutch localization.

I guess he has emailed many more translators, if not and you are the “lead” translator please let us know here, and if you have updated translations please also post them here.

We would prefer to have one single Lead translator per language so Comodo knows who to contact if they have specific issues with a single translation. And who can be in charge of coordination and “releasing” a new language versions to prevent multiple updates overwriting changes etc…

Lead Translator list:

Tools list:

Previous version 3.x Translation post

Multilingual Support: Comodo Needs Your Help!

Translation Off Topic/Discussion/Help

Want to help translating CIS in to your own language?

Please try to find out who of the members was previously involved in translating 3.x and try to ask them if they are still planning on Translating v4 and if you can “Join the Team”.

Or check the list above from current active translators

If anyone uses nice tools that help speed up Translations please also post links to them here so others can use this also…

Then I’ll collect them and post links to them in the OP

Re: Installer, strings #180, 181, 221 with the lists of USA States, Worlds Countries and Canadian provinces

People ask whether they need or not to translate these lists. Please translate the full names, but you do not need to change their alphabetical order. The 2-letter ISO indexes of course should not be changed and must immediately follow the corresponding full names. It’s also important to keep all the dividing characters “;” at their place.
Best regards, Alexander

Bulgarian language files for COMODO Internet Security 4.0.129536.679 BETA

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Do you have some sort of script we could use to detect “errors” in the translation files?
Or are you going to check them, and in case of error report back here?


p.s. I think we need to attach the latest templates to first message of this thread, maybe with a version numbering system…

When will we get the updated installer.english.lang.template? :wink:

Estonian translation

v3.6.1 [03.02.2010]

  • Translation fixes

v3.6.0 [01.02.2010]

  • Compatibility for CIS 4.0 BETA2
  • Numerous fixes and adjustments

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What is the procedure of localization the software? Do I have to contact someone?

Hi, recently i sending an email to Alexander with the Spanish language files updated. I leave it attached files here.

Regards and Thanks!

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Try to find who was translating CIS 3.x for your language and contact them if you can join and/or if they are still interested in translating CIS v4.x

hello there. I’ve emailed the translations done so far to my partner and asked if he was still going to help this time. considering that i’ve some time at work i could volunter to be translation leader for PT-PT (portuguese european)

Hi Mokito,
Nice to hear from you again. I’ll email the set of Portuguese (European) files to you once I have them updated (we cannot do the update fully automatically so part of the job is done by hand, and it takes time…).
Kind regards,

Hi Alexander,

I have updated using CIS4_English_Templates_2010_02_03.7z.

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Updated hungarian language pack.

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Spanish language update of the date (2010-02-03).

In this new update will be changed/removed/added the lines specified in the files of “CIS4_English_Templates_2010_02_03.7z”.

With changes of position in the file “cfplogvw”, has corrected the problem of position in most of the windows, though I found the windows of “Antivirus event” and “Task Launcher” have problems of positioning, I leave attached images for the correction.

Also, i leave attached the Spanish language files updated.

Regards and Thanks!

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Hi Ronny,

I can help with the Dutch translation

Latest Swedish translation. I have emailed it to Alexander. :slight_smile:

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Okay let’s go to the Dutch board…

can’t we get the added strings in a .txt instead of the full lang file? in my case there are new strings that appear in the english version of the lang file but how will i get them translated to my lang files? i’ve get to translate all of the strings again in the english? is there any way that i can use to added the new translated strings to my lang file? because translating the english files again could take weeks (only translate on my spare time :cry: )

I used the translated version that came with the latest beta… and then work from there but i agree you have to do a lot of “winmerge” compare work to get things straight…