Comodo Internet Security 2020 v12.2.2.8012 Released

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce the release of Comodo Internet Security 2020 v12.2.2.8012.
Here are the details:

Online Setup Details:

Comodo Internet Security Premium

Size: 5,5M ( 5711832 )
MD5: 553488c483f2e14a460b4543ad69c4a7
SHA1: b1119e1543c8073c45bd6d833c9b3b0617c1fbd5

Comodo Antivirus

Size: 5,5M ( 5711824 )
MD5: 7be4a95313c926e0233571f89291f487
SHA1: a16e410af1f001434d5ed5194f0755aa24173589

Comodo Firewall

Size: 5,5M ( 5711824 )
MD5: b48216dca6f745a40645248384659fdd
SHA1: 3bc265e7282bfb5c63be6cc73a2b7aad9a060904


Offline Setup Details:

Comodo Internet Security Premium

Size: 69M ( 71575144 )
MD5: 1eaa9d2233908e517d4f51d94292acb9
SHA1: d093f42d6f9a5828fc766b377207b4ecfc0e742d



  • WSL 2 can not work when install CIS
  • Solitaire can not run in sandbox
  • System restore is restoring the registry issue
  • cmdvirth can be stoped
  • Support jumbo frames in fw
  • Setting allow contained applications access to the clipboard does not work
  • Fixed BSOD cased by cmderd on 32 bit OS

Note: Binary update is not activated yet. It will be activated soon.

Only for Windows 7 users
Before you install new CIS release or update from previous version you need to install following Windows updates. These packages are necessary for installation of CIS on Windows 7.

Best Regards,
Ming Zhou

Edit. I have changed the download links to point to a secure https connection instead of an http connection.
Edit2. The file hashes of the online installer of CFW and CIS offline installer were interchanged. They are now in their proper places. Eric

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Comodo internet security is excellent antilogger, i use since 2006…

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comodo secure shopping not completely compatible with windows 10 and windows 11, this can make users experience errors and even stop using the software…
sorry my english!

here Comodo Secure Shopping not correct;
Comodo internet security is safe, but not popularize…

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I have had no more new virus database updates for 3 days.
I have the 35573 version as of right now.
Does someone have the same issue?

I’ve the same issue. 3 days since the last virus database update. I presume it’s a problem with Comodo servers.

I confirm the update delay

comodo is safe, but
marketing and advertising is important…

Edit: > Update at time: 35574

Same for me. The database was updated today.

3 hours ago got the 35574 version.
It was the 4-day delay between the 35573 and 35574 versions.

Thank you for fixing that.

Hi all,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
There is a temporary issue in the server and the team is working on it. We will keep you posted once the issue it is fixed.


The database has not been updated for a day, 35575.

Hi guys, no database update here.

comodo internet is safe, but company and products not survive without updates and marketing…
Comodo firewall: