Is free firewall not available anymore? (2023)/ why does CIS annoy with expiration popups

All I wanted to do is install the free Comodo client firewall on a Windows system - no Antivurs, no MITM protection, no Web-Filter …

For Home users I see only the internet security bundle - however FAQ Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security says that it would be possible to deselect components (mentioning firewall and antivirus explicitly) - however the only optional component which I can deselect is MITM protection. Firewall, Antivirus ans Anti-Malware are non-optional?!

I was not informed before the download or during the setip that the tool or any of its components is/are a trial version.
After like a week or two I am annoyed with “your license expires” popups several times a day. I can only say “remind me later” I cannot find out
a) wheather the entire tool or only a component expires (and which)
b) how to make it stop sending annoying popups
c) what the licensing state of CIS and its components are


Hi slkdjflksajdjf,

Thank you for reporting.
Refer the below link to download current CIS stable version.

Below link is the latest CIS beta version.


I have been using Comodo Firewall for several years and I like it. Thank you very much for this software! I have no interest in using the other Comodo Internet Security features. From these posts it looks like Comodo Firewall v. is still the official current version.

  1. How stable is the beta version of Comodo Firewall and is it suggested to switch to it?

  2. Will Comodo Firewall have popups or other nags going forward?

Thank you again!

Hi Looker,

The latest beta CIS version is stable and you can try switching to it.
And there is no such complaints like popups issues in latest CIS beta version.


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Me2, I need firewall only and don’t need another function, but CIS version, we need install them all even I need firewall only.

Please update a new firewall only version, thanks

Run the installer, check “Options” and deselect Antivirus and it will just install the Firewall.

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