Uninstalling CIS destroyed my windows default firewall!

I decided for objective reasons to give up CIS. I uninstalled it from Add/Remove, restarted Windows 10 and suddenly I no longer have a functional firewall.

I downloaded Windows Firewall Troubleshooter and it says "Windows Firewall cannot be set as default firewall. This problem may be occurring because of an existing Group Policy or because you are using the COMODO Firewall firewall program.

How is this possible since I uninstalled COMODO?

I used ciscleanuptool_x64.exe and it does nothing. This is the content of the log file

14:35:39 C:\Jenkins\workspace\CisCleanupTool2_vs19\CisCleanupTool2\CisCleanupTool2\RegTools.cpp:46 >> Can’t open key (SOFTWARE\COMODO\CIS\Esm), error 2
14:35:39 C:\Jenkins\workspace\CisCleanupTool2_vs19\CisCleanupTool2\CisCleanupTool2\CleanupOnline\CisCleanupTool2.cpp:76 >> ITSM Administrator password for Removal tool is not set, skip password verification, exiting…

BTW there is no Jenkins directory on my computer :slight_smile:

Going further with the investigation, I found that this key from the Registry cannot be deleted

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center\Provider\Fw{3D87FB90-B561-70B4-3B0B-BCEFE7656ABC}

My congratulations to the COMODO team! You have just created a huge problem for me, I no longer have a firewall in Windows. When you put such products up for sale, try not to block keys through the Windows Registry because look where it ends up. Provide all the steps to manually remove the product so as not to leave any residue that could cause the system to malfunction.

Try using the old CIS Uninstaller tool. Use the below link to download the ciscleanuptool and run it.

The newer one doesn’t seem to uninstall reminents properly.
If you installed the Beta, you might need to also remove leftover drivers but the above removal tool should remove those.

Thank you.

Your tool removed a lot of parts of Comodo (at least that’s what it claims) left over after uninstalling. Now the log file contains a lot of information. I can’t understand how the Comodo team can provide a tool that doesn’t do anything, instead an older one does its job.

Unfortunately the firewall cannot be started. I tried without success sfc, dsim, the Microsoft firewall tool, although now it no longer displays information about Comodo. It practically destroyed an important and functional part of Windows. Honestly, I did not expect such a thing.

I will make a clone of the SSD and I will first try a system restore and then a system reset. Thank you COMODO for taking up my time. Uninstalling your CIS 8012 version program, here’s where it went.

Glad the old tool removed the remaining bits of Comodo. I had a similar with a different product last year and a system restore did the trick.

To prevent this happening with other users, can provide further information such as version number and Windows version your running.

Perhaps a good idea to make a new completed version of “uninstall tool” before releasing the new version of CIS ?

Hi cata_solomon,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Could you please share us the CIS and win version ?
And sharing any screenshot/video of the issue would be appreciated, so that we could check and fix it quickly.
@EricCryptid Thank you for supporting.


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  • Windows 10 OS updated to date
  • Comodo Internet Security (it was assumed when I installed it that it was free)

CIS disabled a lot of features and informed me that my trial period has expired. It asked me to buy the license and I did not agree, so I decided to uninstall. I have been using CIS since 2017 and it was free, this experience allowed me to test and post here the issues encountered.

The worst thing is that it disabled my firewall and a lot of programs connected outside transmitting information. The fact that the CIS firewall stores its own rules, not in Windows, leads to a big problem if the CIS firewall fails. Compared to Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control which creates rules directly in the Windows firewall, if the program stops working then the rules remain and are still applied.

Uninstalling from Add/Remove was done successfully, but there are still many records left behind. I tried with the latest version of the cleaner tool provided by Comodo, but it does nothing. I noticed in other posts that only two lines are written in the log file and nothing happens. Uninstalling CIS affected my Windows firewall so I couldn’t restore it after trying many solutions. I couldn’t use a restore point because I would have had CIS again or I had to go back before installing CIS (I will use Revo Uninstaller from now on). After doing the Windows reset, I had to reinstall a lot of programs and that wasn’t a problem, but the settings in them that took time. Fortunately, I have notes with all these settings for each program used separately.

My opinion is that COMODO must tell people that the license can be deactivated automatically over a while and what are the consequences. Also, provide a suitable tool that cleans everything, absolutely everything that is created/modified by CIS in a computer. This experience disappointed me and led me to look for other solutions, even though I was a CIS promoter for years in a row.

Hi cata_solomon,

The CIS v12.2.2.8012 won’t ask for license renewal.
Seems like you have download and installed the CIS pro version which is trial version and automatically revert back to 8012 after 30days.
However we will take your concern to the team notice and update you.
Kindly check with the below CIS stable version/CIS beta version.

FYI: We are aware that the latest ciscleanuptool have issue in removing cis leftover files, the team is working on it.
We will keep you posted.


Thank you.

In my opinion, COMODO is not as popular as Bitdefender or Kaspersky, but it has much better and valuable components. At least in the firewall area it offers a very good connection control unprecedented in the others.

Indeed, I installed a version downloaded from the public website, but after 30 days it did not offer me the chance to continue using it. Maybe you should check this aspect. I could not activate the firewall, nor did I see anything intuitive to tell me that I can continue to use the free version but not Pro. It just asked me for a license and nothing more.

I downloaded the new beta version and I like the interface. For me, the most important thing is that this package should not consume hardware resources, especially CPU and Memory. I left Bitdefender in the past because it created big trouble related to resources and then I found COMODO.

If you manage to improve the quality and performance of the products you will win new customers and you will keep the old ones close.

I see that there are people who tested the beta version and presented the problems on YouTube. Here are two videos from the same tester:

Hi cata_solomon,

Thank you for sharing the information.
We will check and take your concerns to the team notice.


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