Comodo AV Database update page

This page is updated on daily basis at the moment.

You can see the progress we are making here.



Edit: Pointed to new URL

Hi Melih, now this is what everybody wanted to see, great work here! :-TU
Xman (:KWL)

Great to have it :-TU

Thanks Melih

Great Melih!

But I believe that this info should be under the main site of our beloved CIS:

I say this because COMODO has many sites, but without any interaction between then, like , Anti Virus Scan | Free Online Scanner to detect Viruses and Spyware , , , and .

Thanks Melih! :comodorocks:

Can you add a search to the page?

Excellent work. Exactly what we wanted!!!

Keep up the good work!!

Melih, what about provide a link to download and install off-line database?

Great! I’d love to see this link somewhere in the CIS GUI. I might post a wish somewhere. :-TU

Thx Melih

EDIT: Here’s the wish

Thats just what I was going to say :wink:

Thanx Melih, I was waiting for that. Great innitiative

Number of Definitions Added: 12730

Is that how many that got added today? :smiley: :wink:

Sweet… very much appreciated. :comodojiggy: (V) (:KWL)

It’s nice to see what’s added to DB. I hope sooner or later(I prefer sooner) CAVS will have new website, where we could check information like this.

I asked about the new site but no one was interested :wink:


What exactly is under Unclassified malware?

Are those rough sketches of malware; say just files that are part of a piece of malware and no registry keys, are they complete definitions but still needs classification (they are pushed out to keep us safe and deal with classification details later)… I am just guessing…

you guessed right…
we know they are malware… but we are not going to waste time with trying to give them pretty names and push it out to protect you asap.


That sounds about right to me… safety first… (:KWL) (:NRD)

Great job COMODO. :comodo110:

Great job !

I’m curious … :THNK

Wich is the estimated number of threats?

Symantec: 3.264.075

a-squared: 2.707.785

Comodo: 1.340.173

How about others (Avira, Kaspersky, …) ?


estimated threats?
the one we report is the actual no of malware sig we have in our db.