CIS downloading full database too early

I failed to update for 5 days (have not been on-line, I do it manually), today I clicked on update, and it wants to download
240MB full Dbase, I really object to that (being on pre-pay mobile broadband).

Odd it should not do that, I only update my desktop computer once a week 7/8 days and have never been asked to download the full database.

I think if I remember correctly the usual is 13/15 days before asking for a full download.


Further to earlier post.
I downloaded the bases.cav from “Comodo AV Database Update” page for “v5.8 and newer”,
and it ignored it and downloaded whole 240MB DBase. I had already done similar when installing
v8.0 new and did the same, ie ignored it.
Is “v5.8 and newer” DBase suitable for v8.0+ ? (if not, is there a v8+ offline DBase somewhere ?)
After the initial failure to do incremental update, I find there is a 274,123 KB DBase “b0022280.cav”
in my scanners directory, presumably this is an indication of some kind of update failure.

EDIT: Comodo seems to have a lock on the mentioned “b0022280.cav” file as I’m getting an Access Denied
type message on trying to delete it, I was able to delete old bases.cav prior to copying offline DBase
to scanners. Wondering if this failure to delete is also part of the whole Dbase download thing, and perhaps an indication
that future updates will also fail.