Discussion about reduction in size of AV database

Too many signatures. :cry:

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Time to go back to 13M … :slight_smile:

Why 13m.?
I must admit 18million is a lot of malware for a single av to tackle.

The more definitions isn’t what’s important. What’s really important is the more generic definitons, as generic defininitions can detect more threats than definitons for single pieces of malware. Plus, the more generic definitons, the smaller the av database.

+1 :-TU

Haha ;D I prefer having 50 generic signatures than 50M single signatures … It’s time to make generic signatures seriously …

I agree that we need more generic signatures since replacing specific ones will result in a general increase in performance, scanning speed and detection. Having said that I noticed that the AV vendors who use almost 90% of generic signatures never fix FP from my experience and it’s very annoying. So the issue with generic signatures is to find a balance and avoid FP. But at the end of the day I would go for generic signatures instead of traditional ones.

What ? Avast! mainly uses generic signs and they are one of the fatest vendor to fix their FP … Even when users submit FP’s from the program itself. Be sure Comodo never fix FP submitted from CIS but fix those submitted here on the forum …

I said: “from my experience”. Your experience might be different. One mistake here in my text: “I noticed that the AV vendors (not all of course) who use almost 90% of generic signatures never fix FP” Better? LOL! Not sure about Avast but ESET for example, never seem to fix their FP among few other vendors.

Not sure about Comodo in your case (works fine for me) but I use the forum here anyway so no probs for me! LOL! :slight_smile:

My bad sorry ;D
Yes Comodo are very responsive here in forums, but nothing on the program’ submission.

Yes, I totally agree with you.

Having more hash based signatures is useless weight on the product.

With more generic signatures the product will be more responsive and detection will be fast…

Oh! Total Definitions: 18876157 , DB size: 143 MB!! >:(

DB needs to reduce signatures. Where is Daisy!? Please come back… :cry:

Daisy is lazy! :smiley:

Agree. CAV need to start replacing old specific signatures with generic ones… Others do it… So can we… Can we? 88)

umesh please come here our guys need you ;D

Boris/Igor is also on vacation… :smiley:

20 million by end of year :-X

Time to do this: https://forums.comodo.com/

Petitions are all fine and good.

Unfortunately the amount of malware being created on the internet will never reduce.
It grows by the day.

So after saying this…
Comodo av needs more generic signatures.
And the idea of reducing the database is preposterous.
This is reducing protection.

The petition is to reduce the AV database by adding generic signatures and thus being able to remove the redundant ones.