Which Product to develop next?

We want to start getting feedback from our users about which products, in the field of security and trust, you would like to see us develop next?


Ok…how’s this?

  • Anti Trojan software - not a file scanner but something similar to the way BOClean works.

  • Secure email/file storage - maybe something along the lines of Hushmail.

Or maybe just entigrate anti trojan with Comodo Antivirus.


Given that you’ve done a firewall, an antivirus and an antispyware is on the way, the most obvious next hole (IMHO) is a host intruder protection system (HIPS) type application. The primary purpose of a HIPS is to prevent trojans/malware establishing their entries in the registry, host file, integrating into the browser etc., preventing their on-going execution.

Would this be best as a component of the antispyware real time monitoring, or should this be a separate, smaller application?

I think it should be a separate application, as it doesn’t have to reference a signature or definition list, it only has to monitor the system vectors that malware targets.

A good example is at www.arovaxshield.com. It’s not perfect, but it is effective, lightweight and simple in use.

what think?
ewen :slight_smile:

A HIPS with all of the abilities that Tiny Firewall’s Windows Security had.


its just cooking :wink:

wait and see, it will taste even better than the Tiny stuff you are talking about :wink:


Likewise I would like to see a decent Anti Spyware and Trojan Application.



Anti spyware will be built into the anti virus to turn the application into an anti malware application.

About an Anti Trojan I would like to see this also, but I’m not sure if this is already going to be added to the AV.


of course it will be added :slight_smile:


Thanks Melih.



Hi, I’ve been using the CPF for some time now, and I think it’s absolutely great. I’m a long time user of computers since the early 80’s , and rarely do I see software of this quality and magnitude for free. Absolutley brilliant.

I would like to see Comodo develop a decent Registry cleaning software, which actually detects keys and values for most commercial software, and doesnt break things unlike most registry cleaners and optimizers. I fix more pc’s which got broken from so called registry optimizers/cleaners than I do virus and spyware recently… what do you think?

possible… we’ll throw it in the pot to see what we end up with :slight_smile:

Keep’em coming…


An application to stop registry keys from being added without permission, this application could also stop the keys from known ‘spyware’ and ‘trojans’ from ever exploiting this feature

I like that idea.

Drive Encryption
VPN intergration into firewall or addon
USB protection and encryption

I would love have USB smart card like option but be able to login with out a Domain controller.

This functionality is usually included in a HIPS. Stay tuned …

ewen :slight_smile:

i think it maybe good thing if Comodo tries to develop system utilities program , it’s very needed this day .

for example developing a product that contain things like registry cleaners and defragmenter and also disk cleaner and defragmenter . also uninstaller and start-up utilities , registry editor and some tweakers . something like tune-up utilities or system utilities , i think that now there’s almost no free good product for that job .

also u guys can begin to think about firefox integration and espicially for the anti -malware .

also u can think about making system watchdog , something like prevx and winpatrol and add things like IE and Firefox cleaner , history cleaner …

there’s alot of stuff u can develop (CLY)


Registry protection software is often misused and misunderstood, and terrible to control. If you develop such a product, please make a good manual for it. Alot of people do not realize such software can break your system quite easily… like if your using NERO for instance which modifies the registry regularly… :slight_smile:

It also can be a reaaaaly pain when having such soft on during software installs, it can break everything… I do not like this kind of software, as it does often times more damage than good.

Besides, CAV should provide protection against unwanted registry changes by malware.

And yes, please integrate the products with Firefox, Thunderbird and Opera, would rule :wink:


I would like a product which individual encrypts/decrypts files, folders or the whole hard drive. Also a secure folder to dumb confidential information, which has a password to it better than the big boys. Also a program to scan and clean up a hard drive securely removing all traces.

Also Iwould like to see Comodo release an anti-spy software and addd to the firewall a vulnerability detector with the ability to allow you to choose how to deal with it . Like the ability to download patches and fixes or do it manually.

Keep up the good work (B)

Anti Phishing, Comodo Web Browser Toolbar, Something like Roboform. Intergration for Firefox, Thunderbird. Voip like YAK. Firewall intergration for router’s like Linksys, Netgear, US Robotics. Wireless Security like MYWIFI.