You wish, Comodo delivers

Melih asked almost a year ago :

First suggestion :

And we all know what happened (:CLP)

Greetz, Red.

Cool find, Red. Very interesting… :wink:


PS: I wish for a steak & potato for lunch.


At reading Mac’s reply, my first thought thought was : Little Mac == JimmyD ?

and my second thought was Aha! So that’s how ya accumulate 2700+ posts around here
:wink: heh heh

Heh heh! and if you look around (might try the Comodo Backup forum, Wishlist), you’ll see similar postings from us. We seem to want a lot of the same thing. Hmmm. But now I want steak & potatoes. And a chocolate chip cookie.

Of course, none of that matters, as I don’t get paid for my posts (and no, JimmyD is not me). Soya gets paid for every one he marks “Resolved” but he still gets paid the same as me…


I was going to ask for my misspent youth back so I can misspend it better this time.

I get paid as much as Comodo products in this forum cost to users.

Applaud to Rednose for finding such an old post.

Wow, now my wish looks very shallow and simple, compared to such depth.

And did you get it ;D A tip : Rubbing Melih’s car while wishing something could help you :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Is that what JimmyD did? Drat! No wonder I’m still hungry. :frowning:

Yeah, the ‘youth’ are misspending it pretty good nowadays.

Did you realize that every time you run a downloaded program…
your computer is having sex with every computer the server has had sex with during the past 6 months?

Wow, I almost forgot about that post. I wonder what I should suggest next??

Steak and potato’s for Little Mac ??? ;D

Greetz, Red.

Hmm…sex, steak, potatoes, and Little Macs. Looks like a new McDonald’s combo menu.

I thought McDonald’s had been having sex with their customers for years,
I know I always feel # $ %*ed after I’ve eaten something from there. (:TNG)


So the official release is at my birthday. That was what I wished a week ago (:KWL)

Greetz, Red.

Happy 4.23th birthday!

Yah. supersize it for only a buck five eighty more…